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August 28, 2014

Bulk Add Users / New Profile Layout / New Search / New Dealer Login Permissions [Show All]

Bulk Update/Add Users by Profile for DMP XR Series Panels

Now your customers have a simplified way to add another profile to an existing group of users or they can also add an existing group of users from one panel to another panel with the selected profile. This is handy when a group of users need another profile added to their code or when adding a new panel to an existing account, now groups of users can be added to the new panel very quickly. This feature helped a customer add a 2nd profile to 355 users all at once, a significant time savings.

Redesigned System Profile Layout for DMP XR Series Panels

Now your customer can view more of the profile options on the screen without needing to scroll. Also, listed below the profile permissions are the current list of users assigned to the profile, there's even access to edit the user. The Alarm Access option for the area has been renamed to Arm/Disarm to prevent confusion.


Advanced Keyword Search in Reporting

Now your customer can use search terms in the keyword that include: words, lists (such as zone or door numbers), OR logic, and words not to include. These new searching options resemble a google-like query.


Permission Options Added for Dealer Logins

Now you can limit your dealer account logins with customer level permissions. A dealer user can still login to the customer's site but now instead of having all permissions granted they may be restricted to only the options you allow. This is great for central station operators which may not require the full set of permissions on the customer's site.

Also, you can now hide certain customers from your dealer users. For instance, if you have your office or house location as an account, you may not want it accessible to everyone, now it can easily be hidden from view.