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April 19, 2021

Usability Improvements [Show All]

Dealer Administration Portal

  • Viewing a customer user now shows the user's contact information and system codes for easy reference.
  • Viewing a dealer user now shows any system codes assigned to them and when deactivating or deleting the user it can also perform the same operation to all of their system codes in any customer system. Removing an employee has never been easier.
  • A global code search across all customer panel accounts is now possible from the Receiver tab. This allows for a convenient way to find/audit any temporary or installation codes in your customer systems which will help to bolster their security.

Customer Management Portal

  • Creating a DMP System Profile will now allow you to choose the profile number you'd like to use, previously the next available number was automatically assigned - now it's the default selection.
  • You can now batch DMP system profiles to multiple systems for quick additions/modifications to multiple systems at one time.