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April 19, 2021

Convenience meets Security with Safe Passage and ScanPass Mobile Credentials [Show All]

Safe Passage Provides Easy Management of Health/Liability Authorization with System Access Control

The Safe Passage Module provides a framework for a one-time/periodic self-approval process. If required and not completed, upon access by the individual, violation events are generated so a manager can ensure the user is safe to be at the site in regard to health and/or hazard concerns. Documentation is stored with the user account showing they have answered the proper questions and approved any company terms such as an NDA.
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ScanPass Mobile Credential is unlike any other smartphone or mobile access control device on the market in that it offers greater connectivity options - including premise network or cellular - for users to gain access to interior or exterior doors in and around the facility. ScanPass Mobile Credential users simply point their smartphone or other device credential at the barcode sticker and the barcode designates the proper door to be unlocked for entry.
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Combining these awesome technologies allows for 'hands-off' health and liability control. When a ScanPass user attempts to access a door and has not yet been authorized by Safe Passage for either health or liability reasons, their mobile device will display a message indicating that authorization needs to be completed and they can choose to complete the authorization(s) right there on their device. Once completed, the ScanPass access request will be processed by the onsite equipment with the user's system profile of permissions to determine if they should be granted access.

Safe Passage has also been updated with more expiration settings - previously the expiration may have been specified as a time parameter, such as 12 hours, 3 days, 1 year, etc. Now new options exist to expire based on a time of day, such as everyday at 5am, every weekday at 5am, May 1st at 5am, etc.

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