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April 7, 2014

Updated Code Deactivation Plus More [Show All]

Updated Code Deactivation on DMP XR Panels!

When a code is deactivated instead of being deleted from the control panel, the code information remains with the profile number set to zero. Now when the user attempts to use their code, card, keyfob, etc. the control panel will be able to match it to the user and it will report Access Denied: Unauthorized, Invalid Profile with the user's name to Connect ONE. This will allow the customer to see if a deactivated user attempts to access the building. Previously the control panel would report an Access Denied: Unknown Code without any name.

Plus More Updates

Support for DMP XR150/350/550 version 105: This version added the ability for the customer to use the card plus pin option within a profile, previously this was a global setting. To use this feature you will have to allow the card plus pin device option from the dealer site.

Terminology Change on the Dealer Site. Upload/Download actions have now been changed to Receive/Send actions respectively.