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December 4, 2020

Support Access Lockout [Show All]

A new feature is available called the "Support Access Lockout" which is designed for when there are customer privacy concerns or a higher level of security is required by your customer.  It is selectively enabled per customer and as such until enabled for the first time, your customer will not see any reference to this feature. 

Once enabled, from the Dealer Site go to Customer then Customer Info, you will lose access to login to the customer site as well as control functions such as arming, door control, etc.  However, you will still be able to send and receive information, assign areas, reset sensors, silence alarms, and other management level functions. 

And your customer will now be able to toggle the lockout from Utilities in their application, available in both the web browser and iOS/Android Apps.  The user will need View & Modify permission to Utilities to be able to toggle the lockout mode.  Every enable/disable of the lockout is logged as an event which is reviewable in Reports and may also be setup in an Event Rule for notification.

Along with the lockout feature you may also optionally turn on the ability for the customer to see your activity which will also include the ability to be notified of dealer activity events.  This is a customer level option, so you only need to enable it for customers which require it.  Also, it will only show the name of your company who logged in or made the change, it will not show the individual employee name.  On the Dealer Site you will continue to see who specifically made the change.

To enable, go to the Customer from the Dealer Site, click on Customer Options from the menu on the left and check the Show Dealer Events option and hit Save.  Now the customer will see dealer events in the Activity log as well as an option under Users in the Report filters.