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November 3, 2020

Assa Abloy Aperio Locks Now Supported [Show All]

Valuable new integration access control offering for your customers

Complete integration with Bosch, DMP, Elk, and Honeywell Vista panels allows for the wireless locks to map directly to the intrusion armed status for denying access when armed, preventing schedule unlock when armed, first-in unlock when disarmed, and disarm on access. It also provides for a mapped hardwire relay output which allows for an auxiliary control upon access, a hardwire lock operation for the aperio reader only device, and a relay output to control an external door opener. It also allows for direct control of the aperio locks from the intrusion panel via hardwire reader and/or keypad control to turn on/off the associated output which controls the aperio lock too.

User permissions are applied exactly the same as how they are specified for hardwire readers connected to the panel. Therefore the system can have wired reader/locks and wireless reader/locks mixed without any additional complexity.

The aperio locks utilize an encrypted wireless connection to an aperio IP hub. Each hub can communicate to a maximum of 64 locks. The IP hub is connected to the access expander via an encrypted network connection. The access expander can support up to 128 hubs however the capacity of wireless locks is dependent on the intrusion control panel. For example, the Bosch B9512G can support up to 231 locks, the DMP XR550 can support up to 465 locks, the Elk M1 can support up to 206 locks, and the Honeywell Vista can support up to 96 locks.

Contact your Assa Abloy representative to complete dealer certification.  Aperio locks are purchased by certified dealers via distribution.

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