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January 14, 2014

Central Station Operator & Support Staff Permissions [Show All]

Now you can set a login to the dealer site to view only permissions and still allow access to the customer site via the "login as dealer" option. This is great for central station operators or customer support staff that only require access to the customer site to make a quick user change or run a report but don't require any dealer site configuration changes. Users with view only access will be allowed to login to the customer site but they will be required to input a mandatory message about who requested they login and why. This message is required before they are allowed to continue and is logged to the events. To configure a user with these permissions, simply create a new profile under your dealer account and assign view only permissions for the customer section, then apply the new profile to a user.

Example of Logged Event: "Login to Customer:1 Customer Name as Operator, Successful with Comments:Bob requested we change Kathy's permissions to allow the South Door [Remote IP:]"

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