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June 1, 2020

User Management Improvements [Show All]

The user delete/deactivate options now automatically apply the same action to the user’s system codes.  Previously a second confirmation was required for the user to apply the action to the system codes, in practice this step was occasionally misunderstood.  Now the initial delete or deactivate confirmation informs the user of how the operation will also apply to system codes without requiring any additional action by the user.  If the user wishes to retain the codes for some reason they can first un-assign the codes from the current user and then perform the deactivation or deletion.

Further Improvements:

    On code+pin systems an error will show to the user if they attempt to apply a pin for a profile which doesn't require it, this conforms to the control panel requirement.
    Now the Forgive button will not be shown when anti-passback is not enabled in any System Profile, which should help prevent any confusion for customers which aren’t using anti-passback and don’t understand what it means to forgive a user.
    An improvement has been made to the System Code status to include terminology when a code is pending activation or pending expiration.
    Lastly, if a System Code is inactive and has an expiration date set in the past when the user chooses to Save & Activate, the previous expiration date will automatically be cleared and the code will be become active.