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May 1, 2020

Interaction -> Time Rule Zone Status Exception Improved [Show All]

The Time Rule for checking Zone Exception Status has been improved.  Now the exception check happens once per minute which allows for greater control of timing to produce Time Violation events for notification if a zone stays in exception status (Alarm, Trouble, etc.) for longer than the desired duration set in the Time Rule.

This is a great option for door prop events and environmental sensors, such as temperature probes.  In the case of temperature probes, a Time Rule may be created to check if the probe stays in alarm status for longer than X minutes.  If this happens then a Time Violation event will be generated indicating the current temperature and programmed threshold which can be sent out for notifications.  Now your customer can receive more than one notification of the temperature alarm, once when the temperature exceeds the programmed threshold and a second notification when the temperature remains beyond the threshold for a designated period of time.