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May 21, 2020

Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR Integration Improved [Show All]

Connect ONE can now send and receive events to and from the Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR.  Utilizing the DW Cloud, this does not require any port forwarding configuration on the customers’ network.

One example of receiving events can be to monitor the health status of the NVR.  Another example could be used for special logging of activity or analytic events generated on the NVR.  All of the Connect ONE Event Rules can be activated in response to the NVR events, such as report logging, notifications to users, system control – arming, disarming, output control, lockdown, etc.

Pushing system events to the NVR is also now supported.  Any event can be sent to the NVR such as arming, alarm, access, trouble, audit changes.  To configure, create an Interaction->Event Rule with the action type Trigger System Event Push from the Customer Site.  The event ‘Source’ will be set to the following depending on what information is available: Site / Area, Site / System, User, [Event Rule]. The ‘Caption’ sent will contain the Event Type description such as Access Granted.  The ‘Description’ sent will contain the event text from the Location/Comment field.   Events received by the NVR may be used to record bookmarks, trigger a camera preset, increase recording quality, etc.