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May 20, 2013

New Energy Management & Lock Control utilizing DMP Z-Wave [Show All]

DMP Z-Wave Status & Control Available on both Connect ONE LIMITED and PRO

Security Management

Z-Wave Locks

  • View Status including Battery Level & Control

zwave lock

Energy Management

Z-Wave Thermostats

  • View Status including current operation state, i.e. if the furnace or a/c is running & Control
  • *Automatic or Timed set to Energy Conservation Mode based upon current arming mode
  • *Automatic Sync of Date/Time once per day
  • *Customer Controllable Display Lock Setting (Trane/RCS Z-Wave Thermostats)

* Connect ONE Exclusive Feature

zwave thermostat

Z-Wave Lighting

  • View Status & Control including Dimmer Control

zwave light

Task Management

  • Activate Predefined Z-Wave Favorites - A favorite consists of a grouping of devices and actions to be performed. For example, one favorite can be programmed to turn on all outside lights. This can be activated with a single-click in Connect ONE.


The DMP Z-Wave Locks, Thermostats, & Lighting can be added to new or existing customers with the XTL & XT Series panels that have firmware 109 or greater, or the new XR150/350/550 panels.  Locks can be added for no additional charge. Thermostats and lighting can be added for a nominal fee.