Feature Blog

April 2, 2013

DMP XR150/350/550 Panels Now Supported [Show All]

We're pleased to announce that the new DMP XR150/350/550 panels are now fully supported. These new panels have many exciting new features, including:

  • Improved 10/100 network connection, previously only 10 megabit
  • Up to 4 profiles per code
  • Up to 8 schedules per profile
  • Easy reuse of Time Schedules for Areas, Doors, Outputs, and Profiles

We've also added a new feature for all DMP systems. Now Connect ONE will update the time and date of any model DMP panel once per day. Previously only the receiver programmed as path 1 in the control panel was used to update the time. This was primarily the panel's central station receiver. Now you can be assured that Connect ONE will update the time of all panels regardless of the central station to ensure an accurate clock.