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January 6, 2020

Zone Exception Time Rules [Show All]

New Time Rules are now available, Zone(s) in Exception, Zone(s) Bypassed, and Zone(s) Not Active. 

These new Time Rules allow for monitoring zone conditions when they persist or in the case of the "Not Active" rule, aren't activated, after a specified duration. These rules allow for a check of the zone(s) at a specific time (or multiple times) of the day, as well as they can also be checked after a specified duration has elapsed.

For Example: You may configure a Zone(s) in Exception Time Rule to check every day at 8pm if any zones are in an exception status and if not generate a Time Violation Event.  You may also configure a Time Rule to check every half-hour if the zone has been in exception for at least 1 hour (time configurable) and if so then generate the Time Violation Event.  There is also a max time setting so after a period of time, 4 hours for instance, the event can stop.

The Time Violation Event will be stored just like any other Connect ONE event and therefore accessible via Monitor->Activity and Reporting as well as allow processing via Event Rules for notifications, Task Rule activations, etc.