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September 12, 2012

ELK M1 fully integrated with Connect ONE [Show All]


The ELK M1 is a flexible security, access control, and automation panel.  It allows not only security and access control but also interfaces to hvac thermostats, lighting, and door locks.  The interfaces can be wired or wireless, such as z-wave or Radio RA.  Your customers can now control all of these devices right from their Connect ONE interface, ELK also provides a sleek touchscreen for convenient control.  The ELK M1XEP ethernet module is required and a special firmware must be loaded, firmware available free of charge via download from ELK.

ELK Touchscreen

 Integration Capabilities

  • View Real-Time Activity
  • Arm/Disarm Areas
  • Bypass Zones, View Status & Zone Temperatures
  • Control Doors (Access & Z-Wave)
  • Control Outputs
  • Control Thermostats
  • Control Lighting
  • Activate Tasks & Keypad Shortcut Keys
  • Generate Activity Reports (Security/Access/HVAC/Lighting)
  • Generate Historical Temperature Log Reports
  • Generate Historical Thermostat Log Reports
  • Manage Codes (Batch Capability for Multiple Sites)
  • Manage Permissions (Restrict by Area/Schedule/IP Address)
  • Manage HVAC Schedules (Batch Capability for Multiple Sites)
  • Customizable Email/Text Messaging Alerts (Instant or Daily/Weekly Reports)
  • Customizable Supervision Checks (Open/Close Schedule, Doors all Locked, etc)
  • Lockdown Feature (Locks all Doors and Disables Non-Privileged Users)