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December 20, 2012

Account Linking [Show All]

We pioneered and patented the ability for your customers to see and control multiple sites with a single login. We did this by merging the information from the locations into the same screens and allow flexible control to tailor the permissions. This works great when you have multiple locations under the same company. But what if you have a customer who owns multiple companies or a consultant who manages multiple companies, or even when multiple installing dealers enter the mix? The solution is account linking. Customers will now be able to link user accounts for easy access to switch between them without having to manually log in and out and constantly type in their login details.

This was originally developed as a solution for a customer whom has multiple installing dealers because of a wide geographic footprint and allows them the convenience of linking their accounts. However there are other possible uses that make this a very powerful feature. To implement the feature your customer just uses the form below:


Once the accounts are linked, they can hit the Accounts link and choose from the list:

Switch Accounts