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April 4, 2019

Mobile Badge & Verification Scan with ScanPass® [Show All]

Another exciting value add feature is now available!

Mobile Badge:
A user's badge consists of the following:

  • Logo (Dealer's Logo is default or Customer's Logo may be uploaded)
  • Name
  • Picture
  • Custom Fields 1-4
  • Barcode for Verification Scanning
  • Green Border for Active, Red Border for Inactive

The mobile badge in the Connect ONE App can be used in-place of a physical badge

It is accessible in the Connect ONE App 1) from the login screen (if remember me was checked), 2) from the Account window, and 3) from the ScanPass screen.

A guard or other personnel with administrative permissions can scan the barcode on the user's badge with their Connect ONE/ScanPass App for verification of the user's identity and permissions.  It will also display the user's past activity for quick review.

Visitor Badge:

Another great use of the badge is for visitors.  The badge can be printed on a sticker and scanned by personnel with their Connect ONE/ScanPass App for verification upon request or leaving the facility.