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November 13, 2017

Improved Support & New Options for Bosch B/G Series Control Panels [Show All]

Exciting new capabilities including easier setup and programming for Bosch B and G series control panels

Persistent Cloud Connections

Cloud connected panels with firmware 3.04 or greater utilizing the Bosch Remote Connect Service will now maintain a persistent connection with Connect ONE. The greatest benefit of this design is that the Personal Notification feature no longer needs to be programmed into the control panel for event reporting to Connect ONE. Now the control panel pushes events to Connect ONE in real-time, previously there was a short delay in receiving events using the Personal Notification method. Another benefit is faster command/action processing (arming/disarming, etc.) since the connection has already been established. Lastly you can now also enable Non-Alarm Zone/Point Status Logging (see below).

It is recommended to de-program the Personal Notification feature from cloud connected panels on firmware 3.04 or greater.

Non-Alarm Zone/Point Status Logging & Notifications

Cloud connected panels with firmware 3.04 or greater utilizing the Bosch Remote Connect Service, have a new service level which may be applied for logging and notifying on non-alarm zone/point status changes. Previously logging could only occur when the zone/point tripped into alarm, trouble, or bypass states. Now even when disarmed, your customer can log and receive notifications of zone/point state changes. Examples of use can be doors which are only allowed to be used during certain hours, liquor cabinets, etc. There is a nominal add-on service charge for this service.

Preset Expiration Date on Passcode/Card

An expiration date/time field has been added for a passcode and/or card. So now you or your customer can set an activation and expiration date for someone's access to automatically start / end at a preset date & time. This can be applied directly from Connect ONE applications and/or when utilizing the UserAPI (see below).

Expanded use of the UserAPI for 3rd Party Interfaces

The open UserAPI for 3rd party interfaces to add, modify, deactivate, and delete Users and System Codes has been expanded. This is the perfect solution for Storage Facilities, Fitness Centers, or any other facility which has memberships. A new member can be assigned access without having to re-enter their information into Connect ONE - saving on double entries. Likewise when their membership has expired their access can automatically deactivate without any human intervention. Another great solution is integration with time & attendance or other HR programs to automatically update the Intrusion and Access Control database upon employment changes.

Previously use of the UserAPI required another hardware component to access the API, now the only hardware required is the Bosch B or G series control panel. There is a nominal add-on service charge for this service.