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June 16, 2017

Event Rule Action Rate Limiting [Show All]

Your customer now has options to rate limit the actions present in an Event Rule. Those actions may consist of email or push notifications or they may also be related to Video capture or even task activation, which ever they are each can have its own configurable rate limit.

Options to limit the action can be never, i.e. no limit, up to 24 hours. For instance, if someone only wanted to be notified of an access event, once every 24 hours, that could happen with rate limiting the action.

This feature was added in response to a dealer's customer which required to be notified by text message of alarm events but only wanted to be notified on the first alarm, didn't want to receive further messages every time a motion detector tripped. They can now set a rate limit of 30 minutes on their text message action and therefore only be notified at a maximum rate of once every 30 minutes.