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June 8, 2017

Simplified User Management with System Templates [Show All]

Further Simplifying User Data Entry

A powerful new feature has been added for multi-site applications called System Profile Templates.

Your customer can now specify templates which are comprised of individual system profile permissions across multiple systems.  When adding a new code, simply choose the template to use and the new code will be added to all systems specified in the template in one click, secondary batch options are no longer required.  Once the code has been added using a template it now becomes a single line entry for easy modification across multiple systems.

As your customer's systems grow, you can add new systems to the template which will automatically update all codes which were previously added with permissions to the new system.

This feature is supported on all current intrusion/access panel integrations including Bosch, DMP, Elk, and Honeywell, also including our ScanPass Mobile Access Credentials.