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July 8, 2024

Cansec MAP Access Controller Integration [Show All]

A new integration with Cansec MAP access controllers is now available.

A direct cloud integration with the MAP controllers allow for easy outbound-only communication and does not require any additional hardware onsite. Optionally the integration can be added to the Connect ONE Access Expander which allows integration with Elk, DMP, Bosch, and Honeywell intrusion panels as well as ScanPass Mobile Credentials and Aperio wireless access locks.

The direct cloud integration includes:

  • Networked Door Controllers in 1,2,4,or 8 door configurations
  • Outbound-Only Network Communication
  • No Intrusion Panel necessary but may be integrated via Task Rules to toggle Secure/Lockout mode on readers upon arming/disarming
  • 100,000 Card Capacity
  • System Profile Templates for Easy Programming of Permissions
  • 256 Access Time Window Schedules
  • Door & Output Schedules
  • Emergency Lockdown Support
  • Card Import Capability and UserAPI Support for External Software Integration
  • Farpointe Conekt Bluetooth Credential Support
  • Reader Configuration Options (ex. Card Only/Card+PIN) from the Connect ONE Dealer Application
  • Plus all of the other Connect ONE Features such as GeoView Satellite Mapping, Event & Time Rules, Emergency Response Platform (see below), Mass Notification Integration, Visitor Management, etc.