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November 1, 2023

Recent Usability Improvements - November 2023 [Show All]

Customer Management Portal

  • Event Rule Filter Options: Now event rule filters can be specified on-the-fly which will automatically create the associated Report when creating a new Event Rule.
  • User Activation/Expiration: Now the user can be set with an activation and/or expiration date. Previously the system code had this capability but now the user can be set which can become global for all the user's codes and if the user doesn't have codes then the user record itself can follow the activation / expiration timing.
  • User List Expanded: The User List report has been expanded to include deleted users, when selected, and created/last modified timestamps.
  • User Profile Option added "Share with Subordinate Profiles": Since it may be possible for personnel of lower authority in Connect ONE to manage visitors, a new option was added in the User Profile called "Share with Subordinate Profiles (View Only)". This setting is enabled on upper authority profiles so their user information can be shared with subordinate profiles of which they normally would not be able to see. The information viewable will include: activity, contact addresses, cases, and assets, and exclude: system codes, and restrict modification of the user. Now the visitor administrator will be able to assign the visitor to any host user and be able to send that host a message upon the visitor's arrival if necessary. This is also a good option for guard profiles so they can see the activity of all users for monitoring purposes.