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October 1, 2023

Task Integration for Guests, Visitors, or Anyone & More Enhancements [Show All]

A new task integration web page link sent via email or SMS without requiring a user login.

Task Rules are powerful actions which can combine just about any system command into a single button click. Now you can also provide these customized actions to any user via the Integration option found under the contact information, such as email or SMS address, and they will receive a PIN and URL link which will allow easy operation of these Tasks without requiring a login. This is a great option for guests and visitors since they do not need a login nor a credential and the task integration may be revoked at anytime.

Tip: The user may save the link to their phone homescreen for convenient access by tapping the Connect ONE icon.

Recent Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal

  • Arm/Disarm with Improved Zone Status: The Security page has been revamped to show all arming areas, fire/burg related zones, and access doors. Previously it showed arming areas, only faulted zones, and only unlocked doors. Now, any zones in alarm, fault, trouble, or bypassed status are included in a list with the area arming options for an easier to read and cleaner appearance.
  • Zone Status of associated Access Door: Now any system can have a zone number linked to the door so the zone status open/closed appears alongside the relay status of locked/unlocked. This has another benefit for barrier toggle door types, such as gates and overhead doors. These typically just use a momentary action on the relay so the status of the gate is unknown. Now when linking the zone status, it will automatically show open or closed in Connect ONE. On Bosch systems this was already required to associate the access activity, if the zone is not a "real" zone then set the zone option to "Do Not Show", and it will disappear from the door status.
  • Login Instructions via SMS: Login instructions may now be sent via email and SMS which is convenient for users which want to utilize SMS in lieu of email.
  • Import and/or Purge via csv file: You may now supply profile number of 0 in a csv import file to delete or purge an existing user from the system. The csv file may contain new, updates, and removals in one file.
  • Easily Send Messages: A new message button is available from the user's contact information. This allows to ability to send a quick message to any user's contact addresses: email, SMS, or push.
  • Default User Profile: The "No Authority" User Profile has been renamed to "Default" for new customer accounts. This is to eliminate possible confusion when customers are adding new Users and perceiving the User Profile will apply to the System Code permission as well. Likewise the Manager and Monitor User Profiles are no longer created upon a new customer account. These profiles were meant to give a start to using defined profiles but due to the nature of how new customers are created they were not usable without modification. Therefore it was decided to only include two profiles upon customer creation: Admin and Default. Any further profiles can be created afterwards as desired.

Dealer Administrative Portal & System Updates

  • Bosch Remote Connect Cloud Status: We've added a quick view of cloud connection status from the Customer->Devices page which allows an at-a-glance view of multiple panel statuses in one spot rather than having to drill into each device and the connection status on the Pending Commands page.
  • Bosch Firmware Tip: On panels connected via the Remote Connect Cloud it is recommended not to enable both ethernet and cellular connectivity to the remote cloud unless the panel is running version 3.14 or greater. There are many connectivity improvements in this firmware version and it is recommended to upgrade if your customer has been experiencing any connectivity issues with the Bosch cloud connection. Please keep in mind for the panel to really utilize the 3.14 firmware features it needs to be pushed from RPS 6.14 so it knows and “sees” the new DNS parameters and uses the entire logic with the new isolated DNS parameters per communication medium (Ethernet and cellular) this will correct the failover and you should see greatly enhanced stability around the cloud solution.
  • Mircom FACP Event Logging: Mircom FX fire alarm control panels are now capable of being connected via the Barionet Network Gateway for full-data event logging into Connect ONE. More Here