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May 9, 2016

Code/Card Activation Date [Show All]

Creating a new code/card in advance has never been easier since now you can set an activation date on a system code/card.  This effectively allows you to have a user's information added ahead of their arrival without granting them permission to soon before its necessary.

The Activation Date feature is available on all system control panels including ELK, Bosch, and DMP.  ELK M1 systems with the Connect ONE Access Expander and DMP XR systems also have the benefit of including an Expiration Date.  On those systems you can specify an automatic activation and expiration, saving on the time it would take to enter and remove the User.  Access Expander systems also may utilize the new Open UserAPI service which also supports the Activation Date feature.

This feature was requested by a dealer which is utilizing their central station for managed access control of a home owners association for entry through gates and common areas.  They receive requests for entering new users with an expected arrival and departure date.  Now the central station operator can enter the information at anytime prior to the arrival date without having to worry about allowing access to soon before they arrive and likewise can enter the automatic expiration date at the same time.

Other uses may include general HR for new employee start dates, any facility with memberships start/end dates, or lease/rental instances where use of the facility is staged among multiple users.