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June 1, 2023

Hanwha Wisenet Integration, Report Enhancements & More [Show All]

Customer Management Portal

  • Reporting Filter Search: When there are many sites and users to filter within a report, the new search options will provide faster access to filter by site and users to assist in running reports effortlessly.
  • Reporting->Pending System Codes Report: A new reporting filter option for System Code listing exists which will show all codes in a "Pending" status. Pending status includes, pre-activation and pre-expiration.
  • Users->System Code Activity Audit Report: Now when viewing a user and their System Codes, a report option will appear labeled, "Activity Audit". This will run a report, screenshot below, on all of the user's codes against the recorded history. It will then show the most recent activity of that code, regardless of site location, and any codes which have not recorded any history. Activity listed is regardless of site location because there may be the same code/card in multiple sites and maybe they haven't used it at "site B" but that doesn't mean they aren't using that code/card at other sites.

    When viewing the report, you can then write-down the code/card number without activity to search on the previous screen, the search function is new too, or print this to either a printer or pdf for review while editing the user's codes.

Dealer Administrative Portal & System Updates

  • Hanwha Wisenet Integration: A new integration is now available for Hanwha Wisenet NVR's. The supported features are: Live & Playback Viewing, Video Verification, Sending Intrusion/Access Events to NVR, and Receiving Analytical/Health related Events from the NVR. The integration also supports the Hanwha Wisenet Sync Cloud for easy and secure connectivity to the NVR. More Here