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April 4, 2016

3rd Party Integration with Open UserAPI [Show All]

The Connect ONE Access Expander just became even more powerful. It now supports the open UserAPI for 3rd party interfaces to add, modify, deactivate, and delete Users and System Codes. This is the perfect solution for Storage Facilities, Fitness Centers, or any other facility which has memberships. A new member can be assigned access without having to re-enter their information into Connect ONE - saving on double entries. Likewise when their membership has expired their access can automatically deactivate without any human intervention. Another great solution is integration with time & attendance or other HR programs to automatically update the Intrusion and Access Control database upon employment changes.

The UserAPI is a feature exclusive to the Access Expander with version 2.03 or above, so it must be installed on-site along with the control panel. There is no additional fee for the Access Expander to utilize the UserAPI however there is a nominal monthly fee to activate the service.