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July 8, 2024

Cansec MAP Access Controller Integration

A new integration with Cansec MAP access controllers is now available. A direct cloud integration with the MAP controllers allow for easy outbound-only communication and does not require any additional hardware onsite. Optionally the integration can be added to the Connect ONE Access Expander which allows integration with Elk, DMP, Bosch, and Honeywell intrusion panels as well as ScanPass Mobile Credentials and Aperio wireless access locks. The direct cloud integration includes: Networked Door Controllers in 1,2,4,or 8 door configurations Outbound-Only Network Communication No Intrusion Panel necessary but may be integrated via Task Rules to toggle Secure/Lockout mode on readers ...
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May 10, 2024

Emergency Response Platform for First Responders

We're excited to introduce an all new emergency response platform designed for first responders. The platform is built-into the Connect ONE Dealer Application. Agencies such as police department personnel may be added as users of the platform. An agency login is different than a typical dealer login, when an agency logs into the application they will only see customer site locations they have been shared access to by the dealer, the shared access will only allow certain designated permissions. Those permissions are whether they can login to the customer site/app, activate the emergency dashboard, and/or add/modify ...
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May 1, 2024

Monitor->Options Dashboard Views

The Options button on any Monitor screen now allows the requested option to open in a quick dashboard view rather than redirecting the user off of their current screen. For instance, if they are viewing Security they can quickly pull up Activity to see an event quickly and then close the Activity view and remain on the Security page. This feature also works for viewing Cameras and Automation screens as well.
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February 1, 2024

New DMP Persistent Connection Method - No Inbound Ports & Fast Command Processing!

The DMP XR & XF Series control panels may now be programmed with a persistent connection option. Once programmed, the control panel makes an outbound connection to the Connect ONE cloud and the connection is held open. Since this is an outbound direction, no incoming ports need to be open on the customer's firewall, and since the connection is held, commands are sent back in near real-time for processing on the panel. It is the best of all worlds, no open ports and fast command processing! Please refer to the Configuration tab for the Device on the Connect ONE ...
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February 1, 2024

New DMP XF6 Fire Panels Are Now Supported!

The DMP XF6 is a state-of-the-art 24V fire control panel which is both addressable and UL864 Listed for wireless. Full control and user programming capabilities are now supported within Connect ONE. Programming is similar to the XR series panels, refer to the Configuration tab for the Device on the Connect ONE Dealer Application Portal for programming instructions.
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January 10, 2024

New Multi-Sensors Supported for Temperature, Humidity, & Carbon Dioxide!

The Network Gateway accepts up to 6 combination carbon dioxide/temperature/humidity sensors (all 6 connected sensors must be of the same type ex) all G01, HUM, or CO2 - see sensors below), and the same gateway can also accept multiple 1-wire temperature probes plus a fire alarm panel printer connection, at the same time. The multi-sensors use simple daisy-chain wiring on cat5e (100m – 200m total length). No calibration necessary and readings will not vary based on wire distance since the sensors report the reading via data transmission rather than by resistive changes. There may be onsite annunciation of ...
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November 1, 2023

New Visitor Management Features and Capabilities

Connect ONE Visitor Management provides tracking of visitors and guests and integration with access control systems plus Safe Passage for self-approval of health, training, and/or legal waivers. Many of these new features can also apply with integration of external visitor management services via our webhook/api methods (webhook description in a separate section below). Once a user profile is designated as a Visitor, any users assigned to the profile are now recognized as visitors for filtering capabilities in reports and lists, and new actions exist for assigning a visitor to a host and applying check-in and check-out dates ...
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November 1, 2023

Recent Usability Improvements - November 2023

Customer Management Portal Event Rule Filter Options: Now event rule filters can be specified on-the-fly which will automatically create the associated Report when creating a new Event Rule. User Activation/Expiration: Now the user can be set with an activation and/or expiration date. Previously the system code had this capability but now the user can be set which can become global for all the user's codes and if the user doesn't have codes then the user record itself can follow the activation / expiration timing. User List Expanded: The User List report has been expanded to include deleted users, ...
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October 1, 2023

Task Integration for Guests, Visitors, or Anyone & More Enhancements

A new task integration web page link sent via email or SMS without requiring a user login. Task Rules are powerful actions which can combine just about any system command into a single button click. Now you can also provide these customized actions to any user via the Integration option found under the contact information, such as email or SMS address, and they will receive a PIN and URL link which will allow easy operation of these Tasks without requiring a login. This is a great option for guests and visitors since they do not need a login nor ...
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September 1, 2023

Camera Image Proxy Service & More Enhancements

A new service for browser/application compatibility with IP Cameras. Browser and application requirements have become more stringent over the years which has caused viewing issues of certain camera devices, primarily direct IP cameras. The new Camera Image Proxy service alleviates these issues to allow direct IP cameras to be viewable in all Browsers and Apps. Camera images are acquired via Connect ONE servers and sent to the Browser/App for viewing. Customers may firewall connections to the camera(s)/NVR using the supplied IP/hostname(s) in the Dealer Manual. This service is optionally subscribed, at an additional ...
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July 1, 2023

QR Barcode Credentials & More Enhancements

Customer Management Portal QR Barcode Credentials: A new credential import option has been added to support QR codes. When a QR code credential is selected from Connect ONE the user can receive their QR code via email or SMS directly from Connect ONE. This makes QR codes a great option for visitors or other temporary uses since they can be emailed to the individual prior to their arrival. QR code readers onsite can scan the QR code, either printed or on-phone, for gaining access to the facility. Mobile Badge Scan Use Case: A recent use case was presented to ...
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June 30, 2023

Webhook Integration with Visitor Management Platforms

Webhooks provide a universal method for integrating with other systems for entry and removal of users such as Visitor Management. The Webhooks are a part of the UserAPI and therefore the UserAPI service must be subscribed. Once configured, external systems can trigger incoming webhooks to Connect ONE to add a new user with system code including additional parameters such as activation and expiration dates. Another webhook may be triggered to deactivate a user. The integration was tested to be supported with Honeywell Sine Visitor Management. Webhook configuration is setup on the Utilities->API Integrations page.
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June 1, 2023

Hanwha Wisenet Integration, Report Enhancements & More

Customer Management Portal Reporting Filter Search: When there are many sites and users to filter within a report, the new search options will provide faster access to filter by site and users to assist in running reports effortlessly. Reporting->Pending System Codes Report: A new reporting filter option for System Code listing exists which will show all codes in a "Pending" status. Pending status includes, pre-activation and pre-expiration. Users->System Code Activity Audit Report: Now when viewing a user and their System Codes, a report option will appear labeled, "Activity Audit". This will run a report, screenshot ...
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May 26, 2023

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Method for single sign-on with a create/update user operation initiated from an external identity provider (IdP). Many organizations are using Identity Providers (IdP) to centralize their user directory database across multiple applications. Now your customer will be able to integrate with Identity Providers using SAML 2.0. This allows for users to be created and updated automatically from the external single sign-on process. This integration was developed for and verified with Okta however since it is based upon SAML 2.0 it should work for other Identity Providers such as Microsoft Azure AD. Single Sign-On configuration is setup on the Utilities->...
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May 4, 2023

Farpointe Conekt Bluetooth Mobile Credential Integration

A simplified approach to Bluetooth mobile credentials. A new integration has been completed with Mobile Credentials by Farpointe called Conekt. This integration allows for a seamless method to enroll these credentials in Connect ONE. When you order Farpointe Conekt Mobile Credentials from your vendor, you will be supplied a spreadsheet which will be imported into Connect ONE. An example import spreadsheet is below. The import screen is accessed via Utilities->Credentials. Once uploaded, the spreadsheet may be verified prior to import. After the import, the credential list may be managed, if necessary, however it is now ready for ...
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March 22, 2023

Site Area Tracking Expanded

The Site Area tracking options have been expanded to include an option to allow passback. This feature works in-conjunction with the user's login profile option for Virtual Anti-Passback. Now you can designate an area to ignore anti-passback violations. See below for a complete list of tracking options: Option of how track/record User's current area location via keypad/door usage when this area is accessed, the event activity will always be logged by area to the event log. If set to "Yes" then the user's last location will be updated and the access will be checked for virtual anti-passback ...
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March 9, 2023

Auto-Deactivate Inactivity Audit

A new option in the user's login profile may be set which checks for the lack of activity from a user and automatically issues the necessary commands to deactivate the user and their system code(s)/card(s) for all sites upon the expiration of the defined time period. The time period can be set anywhere from one day to one year.
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March 7, 2023

Time Rule: No User Activity Check

A new Interaction->Time Rule has been added to check for the lack of user activity. This option can be used to generate events when a user hasn't had expected activity after a defined time period, which may be set anywhere from one minute to twenty days.
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February 27, 2023

New Testing Feature with Temporary Device Signal Options

New temporary device signal options can be scheduled for a desired timeframe. Previously the signal choices were permanent and had to be manually restored after testing. Now you can set a temporary signal option for the testing period and it will automatically revert back after the desired date. Temporary options include: Process Only, Log & Process, Log Only (NEW), or Ignore. Generally during testing the recommended options are Log Only or Ignore. This ensures your customer isn't inundated with notifications from alarm conditions generated while testing.
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January 6, 2023

DMP XR Output Groups Expanded

DMP XR Output Groups are now configurable from the Customer Application under the Utilities section. Previously output groups were only configurable from the Dealer Application but now your customer can manage changes on their own. You can hide a reserved output group from customer management by either not assigning a selected output to a Site Area or by assigning it to a Site Area of which they do not have permissions to see.
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December 10, 2022

User Badge Templates Expanded

badge_options User Badge Templates Expanded: We increased the amount of badge background template images from 3 to 7 upload slots. By default the login profile will show 3 slots available, but once you upload the 3rd template it will then show another 4 slots available. We also added an X offset template option so the image and text can be placed off-center of the badge, previously the image/text could only be moved up or down, now it can be moved left and right as well. User Deletion Permission: A new option in the user's login profile may restrict the ability to delete users ...
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October 25, 2022

Custom Lockdown & Emergency Mass Notification

nws A new feature, added from your feedback, expands the powerful Connect ONE® Lockdown Options! New options added to Task Rules allow for creating custom lockdown actions and/or general emergency notification options to be configured without requiring a complete system lockdown. Task Rules offer many options for system control and interaction in a single-click and are now even more powerful with the addition of an action to log an event and show the rule for activation in the lockdown options window.   Custom messaging entered in the lockdown window allows for an unlimited use case and provides the ...
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October 25, 2022

Mass Notification Options Expanded

More mass notification options are possible based upon login profile. Previously the mass notification options were for all users based upon contact type, now you can select all users within a login profile which provides even more control and flexibility regarding who to notify.
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October 1, 2022

Event Rule Options Expanded to Include Additional Conditions Present

nws A new feature expanding the powerful Connect ONE® Event Rules! Event Rules offer many options for notifications and system interaction; and are now even more powerful with the addition of a conditional qualification which must be present in order for the rule to activate. This feature is in addition to the schedule qualification which allows for the rule to only be active during or outside of certain hours. Now the rule can be further qualified with a present condition in a particular site or area. The condition options are: Area(s) Armed or Disarmed, Door(s) Locked or ...
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October 1, 2022

Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal Filter by User Login Profile: The User List and User List Report have a new option to filter by Login Profile. Login Profiles allow for more than permission control, they may also be used for grouping. For instance, you can add a Contractors Login Profile and apply users to this profile/group. When viewing the user list it is now very simple to show all Contractors using the filter by Login Profile option. User Permission Report: The User Permission Report is a great way to find all Users with access to certain Sites or Areas at ...
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August 19, 2022

National Weather Service Monitoring to Detect, Monitor and Alert of Current Conditions

nws A new feature expanding the weather monitoring add-on to enrich your customers' experience! As hurricane season ramps up and with weather becoming increasingly unpredictable, getting immediate notification of changing or dangerous situations can help customers and their facilities stay safer and better respond to conditions. Connect ONE® now includes National Weather Service alert detection, a new capability that reports directly to the platform for real-time reporting. A dealer request brought this new service to life; their manufacturing customer was looking for a way to notify factory employees within the facility of a tornado warning. Using a report/event ...
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August 1, 2022

Asset Management Improvements

asset_view Usability improvements enhance your customers' experience! Asset management has seen a steady adoption from customers since it has been included in the PRO service level. We've received several suggestions on improving the usability and thus we've expanded the features available. Those include the ability to store an in-service date, value amount and replacement cost. These new fields can be updated individually or imported via csv, and may be included in a report for print or export to excel for further analysis such as year-end tax accounting. Along with the additional reporting capabilities you can also upload an image of ...
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July 1, 2022

Mobile Navigation Footer Plus More

light mode Usability improvements enhance your customers' experience! Mobile Footer Navigation: A new footer navigation section has been added to the mobile app to improve the usability for quick access to the most commonly used functions of the application. It greatly enhances the ease of use and is available in both light and dark modes. Light ModeDark Mode Temporary Schedule Improvement: When viewing schedules in a list, if a temporary date is set on the schedule the status will reflect whether or not it is pending activation or expired for quick glance convenience. Customer Usage Check: From the Dealer Site Home ...
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April 8, 2022

Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal Event Cases: A new option exists to manually initiate an Event Case from any event in the Monitor->Activity log, previously event cases could only be created automatically via predefined event rules. Creating an Event Case allows the response activity tracking to be initiated and immediately notify personnel to respond to a situation. Another reason to create an event case would be to record history notes about what transpired in relation to the event. User Permission Report: When checking user permissions by site/area, more options now exist to filter by system names, area numbers, ...
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March 8, 2022

Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal Monitor: The Monitor screens have been revamped with an updated Card style which supports up to 2-columns of information for status and control. Since more items can fit on the screen at one time, this reduces scrolling to find the information necessary. The original List layout may be toggled at the bottom of the results. Commands / Connection: The system commands status has been improved to show more information about the current state of the connection to the system(s) of which commands are waiting or processing. Filter Results By Site/Area: The Filter Results option has ...
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February 1, 2022

Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal Monitor Dashboards: The Monitor Dashboards (User In/Out, Exceptions, & GeoView System Mapping) now open in the same screen by default for quick glance viewing and include an option to open in a new window as needed. System Code List Export & Report: From the system codes page you can now enter a profile list, such as "Profile:1,2,10", into the search field and the results will include only the codes/cards with matching profile numbers. Also, now your filter selections are applied to the Print/Export option so only the filtered results are exported. These enhancements ...
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January 20, 2022

SMS Messaging Enhancements

sms Connect ONE now offers an enhanced SMS messaging service that provides reliable delivery as a true SMS message since it doesn't utilize the carrier email to text option. The expanded SMS service is subscribed on the customer level, please see the Connect ONE price guide for package information, the price guide is available on the Home tab of the Dealer Administration Portal. The carrier email to text option will continue to be included in the base service level at no additional charge. This is a great option for critical messages which require reliable delivery and will continue without management ...
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January 5, 2022

Automated Email Options for Any Report

Now any report can be triggered to be delivered via email on a schedule! An overview of supported automated report types are: Event Activity Report (List all selected activity in chronological order) Site Occupancy Report (List users which accessed each site and calculate total occupancy) In/Out by User (List user in and out times for each area and calculate total time in an area) Exit Exception (List users which have logged in but not logged out) Asset Status List (List assets with the selected status such as return overdue) User Status List (List users and their last activity ...
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January 1, 2022

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

user_view Along with the fire alarm modes of the Bosch and DMP combination control panels you may now also connect other commercial fire panels for full-data monitoring within Connect ONE. A single dashboard for security and fire alarm events and provide integration with mass notification systems as well as instant notification of events via email, text message, and/or app push. Connect the fire alarm printer output to the RS-232 port on our Network Gateway for full-data event capture. Currently supported on Edwards, Firelite, & Notifier control panels. Please contact us for other manufacturer integrations. Capabilities include: Full-Data Event Capture ...
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December 8, 2021

The Connect ONE User Application Gets a Fresh New Look

User Information The browser version and mobile apps both benefit from the updated look and feel, but don't worry - we've ensured the same functionality and general layout of actionable buttons for a consistent experience without re-training necessary. The updated look should bring about an improved sense of intuitiveness and ease of use, especially in the mobile apps. User Information We've also improved dark mode support for an improved experience in dark mode as well. User Edit (Dark Mode) The new card style layout helps to show relevant record information at a glance however in the browser version if the original ...
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November 1, 2021

Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal Safe Passage Reports: The award winning Safe Passage has been improved with a new report for management to view all users with their current individual safe passage status: Approved, Pending Checkpoint Access, Not Completed, Expired, or Declined. System Profile Templates: There is now a new option to easily duplicate a system profile template, this is helpful when your customer has many applied systems and they want to create a new template and make a minor change to one system for a new set of users which won't effect all of the existing applied users to the ...
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October 15, 2021

Schedule Management on DMP Panels Improved

Schedule Assignment DMP Time Window assignment can now be managed from the time window edit screen. You can add or remove assignment, of System Profiles, Areas, Doors, & Outputs. Previously assigned items were shown but could not be edited from the same screen. This feature should prove helpful for customers needing to make schedule changes on a regular basis.
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October 8, 2021

ScanPass Mobile Credential with Plus Pin Option

Pin Option Now the popular mobile credential that simply uses barcodes placed on the door, has been improved with a high security per-door option of requiring a pin entry upon access. The pin entry is from their mobile device, no keypads or readers required! From the Dealer Site, each door may be configured of whether to require a pin (Scan+Pin): Once enabled the user will need to enter their pin, which is created/managed along with their mobile credential, from the Connect ONE App to gain access: Learn More
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September 27, 2021

Video Playback on ANY Event

Playback On ANY Event You can now view video playback from associated cameras on any event in the Monitor->Activity log. Previously playback was only possible when the event was linked in an Interaction->Event Rule to capture camera snapshots at the time of the event. While that is still possible, now any event captured from an area where cameras are also assigned will allow options to view live video and playback from the NVR starting at possible options of 10, 30, or 60 seconds prior to the timestamp of the event. Playback viewing is possible from ExacqVision, Digital Watchdog Spectrum, OpenEye, and Eagle ...
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September 7, 2021

Usability Improvements

Autocomplete Customer Management Portal Site Search Autocomplete: If your customer has multiple locations they can now easily search through result sets on Monitor->Filter Results, Users->System Codes, Profiles->System Profiles, Schedules, and Utilities with an Autocomplete feature without having to type the complete name. Add User & Proceed to System Code: There is now a new button when adding a user, "Save and Proceed to System Code." Pressing this button will save the user and take them right to adding the code for the system(s) in one-step.
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August 31, 2021

Scheduled In/Out, Exit Exception, and New Site Occupancy Report

Scheduled Task Rule Now the popular In/Out Report and the new Site Occupancy Report can be delivered via email by a Scheduled Task Rule! Scheduled Task Rules have a new action option labeled "Trigger Report." Report types selected can be: In/Out By User - List user in and out times for each area and calculate total time in an area. Exit Exception By User - List users which have logged in but not logged out. NEW! Site Occupancy - List users which accessed each site and calculate total occupancy. Task Rule Scheduling can be one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, certain days ...
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August 12, 2021

Custom Badge Design Templates & Options

Badge Design Options You can now choose to use the default badge template or choose to upload up to three custom background design templates for users’ badges. The custom background extends to the entire badge and may include customized color schemes, logos, images, and standardized text to be printed on the badge. A user’s login profile further customizes the badge with choices of what to print, those choices include: the user’s picture, name, up to four custom fields, and whether or not to show the ScanPass® barcode. The barcode allows personnel to scan the badge using ...
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August 5, 2021

Usability Improvements

Customer Management Portal Utilities Revamped: New tab style navigation for the maintenance options of a system plus the ability to print/export lists of areas, zones, and doors & outputs. Dealer Administrative Portal Recently Viewed Menu: A new navigation menu exists which tracks the customers and devices you access and provides quick and easy access to view those accounts again without needing to initiate repeated searches. TIP: Check the Configuration page for the Device as it includes recommended programming for the particular product and firmware version.
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July 1, 2021

ExacqVision Integration - Improved Connectivity Options

The Connect ONE ExacqVision integration has been available for many years but has now been improved with easier connectivity options. Exacq Cloud Relay Compatible: No more port forwarding or incoming firewall rules required to view live/playback video in Connect ONE. Also, all video is encrypted. Multi-Server Compatible: If your customer uses a single Exacq Web Service to handle multiple Exacq Servers then this methodology is now also compatible with Connect ONE. When configuring the Exacq device in Connect ONE, you will re-use the same connection parameters and just specify the server ID, that's it. Learn More
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June 17, 2021

Light and Dark Theme Modes

Customizable colors for both the light theme and dark theme are now possible under Customer Options on the Dealer Portal (default colors are already specified). By navigating to the Accounts button at the top-right of the application, then choosing Prefs, each user can set their preference for the theme mode to be: 1) Light Only (default), 2) Dark Only, or 3) Auto (changes to light/dark with the current mode of the device).
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June 1, 2021

Physical Asset Management

Streamlined Methods to Track Assets to Locations and/or Users The Connect ONE Asset Management Module provides streamlined methods to track assets to locations and/or users including the generation of custom user authorization templates upon issuing and/or returning. A specified return date will notify the assigned user via email if overdue. Create assets and assign to location for quick check of where they are located Issue assets to users and automatically send a customized authorization template for the person to approve and sign via email. Once completed the form is converted to a pdf and recorded with ...
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April 30, 2021

Import Activation or Expiration Dates

The System Code Import Utility has been expanded to include the ability to import a code activation and/or expiration date from the spreadsheet.
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April 27, 2021

Automated reports have been improved

Automated reports have been improved with an included pdf attachment of the activity. This is in addition to the email containing the activity within the body plus the included (csv) export file attached.
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April 21, 2021

DMP Holiday Date with Year Specification

Creating a DMP Holiday Date will now allow you to choose an associated year, previously all holiday dates would repeat every year which may cause additional management requirements to update the holiday dates after they occur. Now, holidays, which change days each year, can be added ahead of time without worrying about a past date interfering with access and door schedules the following year. Connect ONE will manage syncing the holidays into the appropriate panels whenever necessary.
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April 19, 2021

Convenience meets Security with Safe Passage and ScanPass Mobile Credentials

Safe Passage Provides Easy Management of Health/Liability Authorization with System Access Control The Safe Passage Module provides a framework for a one-time/periodic self-approval process. If required and not completed, upon access by the individual, violation events are generated so a manager can ensure the user is safe to be at the site in regard to health and/or hazard concerns. Documentation is stored with the user account showing they have answered the proper questions and approved any company terms such as an NDA.Learn More About Safe Passage ScanPass Mobile Credential is unlike any other smartphone or ...
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April 19, 2021

Usability Improvements

Dealer Administration Portal Viewing a customer user now shows the user's contact information and system codes for easy reference. Viewing a dealer user now shows any system codes assigned to them and when deactivating or deleting the user it can also perform the same operation to all of their system codes in any customer system. Removing an employee has never been easier. A global code search across all customer panel accounts is now possible from the Receiver tab. This allows for a convenient way to find/audit any temporary or installation codes in your customer systems which will help ...
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March 1, 2021

Usability Improvements

New options to show desired amount of results per page have been added, your choice is saved for the duration of the login session so it doesn't have to be re-selected each view. This allows for more items to be seen without having to switch between pages. Also, button styling has been revamped for consistent icons and colors which help direct your attention to the appropriate action at a glance.
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February 22, 2021

SmartTest™ Brings New Customer Reporting Features

Adds value to customer billing with support documentation of testing and servicing validation SmartTest allows technicians real-time access to monitor and control devices for viewing and troubleshooting via smartphone or any web-enabled device. With recently expanded logging and reporting features, dealers can now provide details of device, door and zone status in intrusion and access control solutions and the work performed. Information such as access door activations and battery and network status, as well as test end and start times, provides valuable measurements to the end-user. Reports are available to the customer in the Connect ONE interface and can ...
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February 5, 2021

Event Video Playback Options

New event video playback options exist to start the playback either 10, 30, or 60 seconds prior to the event timestamp. This allows for even more capability to see what transpired prior to the event.
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February 2, 2021

Microsoft Teams Integration

Utilizing the Connect ONE UserAPI event server push method you can now integrate with Mircrosoft Teams for mass notification to personnel. The integration uses the Teams incoming webhook configuration to a designated Teams channel. Any system event from the connected devices and/or management events, such as lockdown, can be delivered to Teams and notified to everyone subscribed to the channel.
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January 11, 2021

Connect ONE App Supported on Apple Mac M1

The Connect ONE iOS App is fully supported on Apple Mac products utilizing the new Apple M1 processor.  Now your customer can use the App or the browser version on their Mac.  
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December 14, 2020

Armed Areas displayed alongside Doors & Outputs

For added convenience of not needing to switch back and forth between the Security page and the Doors & Outputs page, if the associated area of the door is armed it will appear alongside the doors.  This way the intrusion area may be disarmed at the same time as unlocking the door.
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December 4, 2020

Support Access Lockout

A new feature is available called the "Support Access Lockout" which is designed for when there are customer privacy concerns or a higher level of security is required by your customer.  It is selectively enabled per customer and as such until enabled for the first time, your customer will not see any reference to this feature.  Once enabled, from the Dealer Site go to Customer then Customer Info, you will lose access to login to the customer site as well as control functions such as arming, door control, etc.  However, you will still be able to ...
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November 3, 2020

Assa Abloy Aperio Locks Now Supported

Valuable new integration access control offering for your customers Complete integration with Bosch, DMP, Elk, and Honeywell Vista panels allows for the wireless locks to map directly to the intrusion armed status for denying access when armed, preventing schedule unlock when armed, first-in unlock when disarmed, and disarm on access. It also provides for a mapped hardwire relay output which allows for an auxiliary control upon access, a hardwire lock operation for the aperio reader only device, and a relay output to control an external door opener. It also allows for direct control of the aperio locks from the ...
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September 1, 2020

System Profile Templates - Change Option

The System Profile Templates are a great convenience for your customer with multiple locations.  One template can span any number of locations with predefined permissions removing the necessity to individually specify permissions each time when adding a new user.  Also, a single permission change to the template will propagate down to all the users associated with the template. Now the System Profile Templates are even easier to use with the new option which allows your customer to quickly change a user from one template to another.  For example a user might start in a template with ...
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August 24, 2020

Eagle Eye Networks - Cloud NVR Platform - Now Integrated

Valuable new integration offering for your customers The Eagle Eye Networks (EEN) integration expands Connect ONE's supported video platforms with their cloud connected NVR.  The integration is very simple to configure, simple enter the EEN account id into Connect ONE and the complete camera list will be retrieved. Now your customer can view live and playback recordings from all of their EEN connected cameras in the Connect ONE application.  They can also configure Event Rule actions to record snapshots from the cameras in relation to system activity, such as alarms, troubles, access events, etc. Learn More  
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August 6, 2020

Self-Driven Health/Hazard Approvals - Safe Passage Module

Valuable new service offering for your customers - A great tool for getting back to work The Safe Passage Module provides a framework for a one-time/periodic self-approval process. If required and not completed, upon access by the individual, violation events are generated so a manager can ensure the user is safe to be at the site in regard to health and/or hazard concerns. Documentation is stored with the user account showing they have answered the proper questions and approved any company terms such as an NDA. An administrator may create multiple safe passage templates. They may specify ...
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August 1, 2020

Mass Notification Integration with the Emergency Messaging Hub

The Emergency Messaging Hub provides a unified feed of emergency messages from multiple systems for an associated site. It works by receiving Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) messages from Mass Notification and other Emergency Response platforms and by translating device native events to the CAP format. All CAP messages are published to the hub for all external services such as Mass Notification Systems to consume in a single atom feed. Learn More
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July 16, 2020

In/Out Dashboard includes People Counts

The In/Out Dashboard is a great tool to track where people are in the facilities and also now shows a count of total people in each area.  The dashboard has many uses including a live muster report in the case of an emergency.
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June 10, 2020

DMP XR v202 Private Doors Feature Supported

Version 202 of the DMP XR control panels added a new feature to manage access doors via the Private Door setting. When an access door is set to a private door it is disassociated from an area and can then be permission managed directly in one of four slots available in a System Profile (screenshot below). If a door is configured as a private door in the panel programming this information just needs to be received into Connect ONE and then the Door Authority option will be displayed in System Profiles. Keep in mind that when a door is no ...
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June 1, 2020

Cloud Badge Printing Integration with InstantCard

Valuable new service offering for your customers A new integration is now available with a cloud badge printing service, InstantCard.  You can become a dealer/distributor with InstantCard (instantcard.net) which allows you to create custom badge templates for your customer and InstantCard handles the printing and shipping of the badge to your customer.  The integration with Connect ONE allows your customer to associate a user with a badge template to automatically supply the user information and image to the template at InstantCard, and your customer can complete an order for a badge ...
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June 1, 2020

User Management Improvements

The user delete/deactivate options now automatically apply the same action to the user’s system codes.  Previously a second confirmation was required for the user to apply the action to the system codes, in practice this step was occasionally misunderstood.  Now the initial delete or deactivate confirmation informs the user of how the operation will also apply to system codes without requiring any additional action by the user.  If the user wishes to retain the codes for some reason they can first un-assign the codes from the current user and then perform the deactivation ...
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May 21, 2020

Ecobee WIFI Thermostats Now Supported

Ecobee WIFI thermostats are now supported in Connect ONE.  For technicians they are easy to install and configure without the necessity of a mobile phone app.  Some thermostats require a mobile phone app to configure the WIFI network setup which can be cumbersome since the app requires an end-user account configuration.  For the Connect ONE integration, the end-user does need to activate a free Ecobee account but this can be done online from a PC web browser. Once the thermostats are configured within Connect ONE your customer will be able to view real-time data and make ...
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May 21, 2020

Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR Integration Improved

Connect ONE can now send and receive events to and from the Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR.  Utilizing the DW Cloud, this does not require any port forwarding configuration on the customers’ network. One example of receiving events can be to monitor the health status of the NVR.  Another example could be used for special logging of activity or analytic events generated on the NVR.  All of the Connect ONE Event Rules can be activated in response to the NVR events, such as report logging, notifications to users, system control – arming, disarming, output control, lockdown, ...
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May 20, 2020

Customer Option -> Code Duplication Feature

A new customer level option may be enabled by the dealer which allows the customer-wide code duplication check to be overridden by the customer on a user-by-user basis. If enabled, while the customer is adding/editing the code, if a duplicate exists in some other system, they will see the duplication error yet will be provided with a prompt to override this security restriction by confirming they understand the risks yet want to continue with the duplicate entry anyway. By making this a customer option you enable on the dealer site, all of your other customers will still operate ...
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May 1, 2020

Interaction -> Time Rule Zone Status Exception Improved

The Time Rule for checking Zone Exception Status has been improved.  Now the exception check happens once per minute which allows for greater control of timing to produce Time Violation events for notification if a zone stays in exception status (Alarm, Trouble, etc.) for longer than the desired duration set in the Time Rule. This is a great option for door prop events and environmental sensors, such as temperature probes.  In the case of temperature probes, a Time Rule may be created to check if the probe stays in alarm status for longer than X minutes.  ...
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April 23, 2020

Temporary Interaction -> Event Rule Bypass by Date

Your customer can now set a specific time/date to temporarily bypass Event Rule actions.  Previously the option was limited to a preset 2 hour window.  This is a great option for system maintenance testing as notifications and other actions will be skipped temporarily until such time that maintenance/testing is complete.  
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April 1, 2020

IP Video Halo IoT Smart Sensor Integration

Vape, Sound, Air Quality, & Chemical Monitoring Integration with the IP Video Halo IoT Smart Sensor simplifies critical vape, sound, air quality, and chemical monitoring capabilities for education, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, and food processing customers to provide instant notification of events via onscreen, email, text message, and push notifications. Detection capabilities include: Audio Analytics: Abnormal Noise Level, Coming Soon: Gunshot Detection & Keywords Air Quality: Vape, THC, Smoke, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Particulates Chemical: Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Light: Occupancy, Sensitivity Environmental: Temperature, Humidity, Tamper, Pressure See More
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March 19, 2020

OpenEye Integration Improved

The video integration with OpenEye systems has been improved for increased compatibility with certain systems when using the soon to be released Apex version 2.1 firmware.
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March 13, 2020

DMP Instant Arming Modes Now Supported

A new "Arming Mode" option has been added for DMP systems on the Device->General page of the Dealer Site.  The option enables Instant arming commands shown in screenshots below when using the Home/Sleep/Away option or the All/Perimeter option.  There continues to be an option to hide the Instant arming modes if desired.
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February 19, 2020

Elk M1 Analog Zone Voltage Readout

Now when a zone in the Elk M1 control panel is set as an analog zone type, the voltage readout will appear next to the zone status.  For reporting and notification triggers of voltage outside of the desired threshold: you may configure M1 rules to send an alarm message to Connect ONE which can be viewed in activity and reporting along with processing via Event Rules for notification and other system interaction.
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February 6, 2020

Reports Improved

The maximum event count returned in a single report has been increased from 5,000 events to 20,000 events.  This allows for a wider time range to be returned in a single report when your customer has many events.  Furthermore, if your customer has any user custom fields set to searchable, those fields will appear as a sortable column in the report along with the user information pertaining to the event.
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February 5, 2020

Bosch B/G User Group Window Update

Now User Group Windows may be named for quick reference Your customer can now set a name and description of each user group window.  The time parameters will still need to be preconfigured with RPS however once the name is applied to the window your customer will easily be able to decipher the usage of that window when applying it to the user's passcode/card (shown below) or to a system profile template.
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January 29, 2020

Lockdown Options Expanded

The lockdown popup window has been revamped to show an easier to follow flow of steps as well as now allows the actions to be individually selected and can be deselected entirely.  Perhaps your customer does not want the doors to lock or users deactivated but rather just wants to set a message to appear across the top of all screens in the application and to be sent out as a notification with a preconfigured Event Rule.  Now this is is possible.
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January 28, 2020

Mass Notification and User Contact Updates

A new option for Mass Notification to user contacts is available for email, text messaging, and push notifications.  The Mass Notification feature allows for a 'blanket' rule to send to all primary, secondary, tertiary, or other priority user contacts without needing to specify each user individually in the rule action.Furthermore there is now also a parameter added to allow for restricting the notification to occur only to users which have last accessed the Site referenced in the event within a time period.  This way if the notification occurs during 3rd shift it doesn't notify users ...
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January 28, 2020

Send Any Command with Delay Parameter

Now ANY command from the Monitor screens can be sent with a delayed action. Previously commands could only be sent with a delay when configured within a Task Rule.  When selecting the command(s) to send there is a clock icon next to the Send Commands button at the bottom of the screen.  Pressing it will give the options shown below which allow your customer to selectively add a delay parameter before the command will actually process to the system(s).  A good example of this is for a timed unlock of a door.  You ...
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January 6, 2020

Zone Exception Time Rules

New Time Rules are now available, Zone(s) in Exception, Zone(s) Bypassed, and Zone(s) Not Active.  These new Time Rules allow for monitoring zone conditions when they persist or in the case of the "Not Active" rule, aren't activated, after a specified duration. These rules allow for a check of the zone(s) at a specific time (or multiple times) of the day, as well as they can also be checked after a specified duration has elapsed.For Example: You may configure a Zone(s) in Exception Time Rule to check every day at 8pm if ...
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December 11, 2019

User Image Crop & Resize with High-Resolution Images

Uploading user images is now much easier as cropping and resizing is done on-the-fly vs needing to crop the image to exacting specifications in an external application, as was previously required.  We've also greatly increased the allowed image resolution which results in better images of the user throughout the application.
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November 20, 2019

New Option to Save Any Report Template as a Custom Report

Now any report template can be saved with custom selections for quick retrieval.  Previously only the Event Activity template was able to be stored as a Custom Report.  Now all report templates are able to be stored.  This allows for quick retrieval of previously saved filter selections.  An unlimited amount of custom reports may be saved - including multiple reports using the same template but different filter selections.
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November 7, 2019

Historical Environmental Zones Report Update

A new option has been added to the Historical Environmental Zones Report to allow multiple zones to be included and graphed in the same report.  Previously only one zone could be selected and viewed in a report.  This allows customers with multiple zones to view their temperature, humidity, or carbon dioxide levels in the same report.
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November 1, 2019

New Playback Support Added for OpenEye, DW Spectrum, & ExcaqVision NVRs

A playback retrieval search option has been added to the Live Camera Stream Previously playback was only supported in conjunction with an event matched to an Event Rule. Now the playback option is added for any camera at anytime and may be viewed on the live stream window of the camera. This option is available at no additional charge for systems connected via an OpenEye, Digital Watchdog Spectrum, or ExcaqVision NVR.
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October 29, 2019

Login Profile Permission Added

System Profile Templates are a great option to pre-define permission options across multiple systems.  Now this feature can be enforced as the only option presented to a user when adding new System Codes.  This allows an Administrator to create an unlimited number of pre-defined profile templates and enforce those templates are the only option for a lower-level user to choose from when creating a new code.
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October 16, 2019

Login Integration to Dealer Business Software

Dealers can now store a permalink to the "Login to Customer Site As Dealer" option into their own customer relationship management software.  Login to the Connect ONE Dealer Site to retrieve the link and simply click on the icon (referenced in highlight below) to copy and then paste it into a field within your CRM.  Now when customer support receives a call and has the customer open in their CRM, they can easily click the link to log directly into that customer's account in Connect ONE.  This can save valuable time on the call and help ...
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October 15, 2019

Option added for DMP XR System Code

The option supported on DMP XR 150 & 550 panels which allows the system codes in positions 2-20 to be sent to connected z-wave lock(s) has now been added to Connect ONE.
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October 10, 2019

HTTP(s) Server Event Push Added to UserAPI

Now you can pass event data to external 3rd party systems with ease using the Connect ONE UserAPI An action now exists which may be specified within an Interaction->Event Rule in the Application which allows for event data in JSON format to be pushed in near real-time via HTTP(s) POST to your server endpoint. You may define the JSON data structure in any format you desire. You may also choose to add additional parameters such as, “severity”:”info”, and you may also choose to omit any of the event variables.
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October 3, 2019

System Schedule Options & Auto Arm/Disarm

1) DMP schedules can now be set active or inactive without having to use the temporary window option. 2) Holidays can be edited from the main schedules page rather than having to first click on a time window. 3) DMP area schedules can now allow auto arming and disarming to be enabled or disabled.  We wanted to ensure that you approve of giving the customer the authority to enable auto arming or disarming and so there is a per device option to enable this feature to show up for your customer.  The option is present for XR 150, 350, or 550 ...
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September 23, 2019

Recurring Schedules for Interaction Task Rules

1) A option to disallow manual control of the task rule which reserves it for use as a scheduled option or in conjunction with an Event Rule action only.2) A recurring schedule option has been added to Task Rules, previously only a one-time schedule was possible.  The new options allow for the task rule to automatically activate every week at a particular time and certain days plus every 1st occurence of a month at a particular time and on certain days or every 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th occurence of the month.  An example would be to set ...
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September 23, 2019

More Onscreen Alert Capabilities

1) If camera snapshots were recorded with the events then those snapshots are displayed within the onscreen alert. 2)  You can now also show custom notes and instructions within the onscreen alert.3)  If the customer has GeoView System Mapping enabled then a direct link to the site in GeoView will be shown in the onscreen alert.
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September 23, 2019

Email, Text, or Push Notification Options Expanded

1) Option added to Email, Text, or Push notifications to hide the system generated message and therefore only show the additional custom message provided in the notification action.  This allows an event to trigger a completely custom notification message. 2) Option added to Email, Text, or Push notifications to send to the user which triggered the event. 
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September 23, 2019

App Utility Commands Added

Sensor Reset, Time Update, Alarm Silence, etc. commands were added to the mobile app under Utilities, previously only shown in the browser app.
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August 1, 2019

Access Expander: Up to 100,000 System Code Capacity

Another exciting value add feature is now available! DMP XR Series Panels: 10,000 System Users Plus 90,000 Expansion Users using Cards, Keyfobs (requires panel firmware 113 or greater), or ScanPass Mobile Credentials Bosch B/G Series: Up to 2,000 System Users Plus 90,000 Expansion Users using ScanPass Mobile Credentials Elk M1 Series: 199 System Users Plus 90,000 Expansion Users using Keypad Codes, Cards, Keyfobs, or ScanPass Mobile Credentials Honeywell Vista Turbo Series: Up to 250 System Users Plus 90,000 Expansion Users using ScanPass Mobile Credentials More Access Expander Features: 200+ Total Doors (doors expanded when used with ScanPass Mobile Credentials) 1,000 Permission Profiles 250 Time Windows 50 Holidays Instant Always-On VPN Communication ...
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July 15, 2019

Case Management Module - Service Company Add-On Level

A new add-on to the Case Management Module designed for service companies is now available.  The new add-on increases the storage space from 5GB to 50GB, allows 3rd party software integration via the UserAPI, and provides the ability for signature capture on both the mobile and web interfaces.   Using the UserAPI, your customer database software can issue tickets to the Connect ONE Case Management Module, the technician can complete the ticket in Connect ONE, obtain customer signatures, and lastly your customer database software can issue a retrieval of the ticket details completed by the technician.  Service ...
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May 22, 2019

Bosch B/G Series Code Retrieval Speed Improvement

A new feature added to Bosch B/G series control panels firmware is now supported which greatly speeds up the retrieval of user codes from the control panel into Connect ONE.  In the past all 2,000 codes needed to be queried even if the code didn't exist, now only the configured users will be queried which improves the speed of the operation dramatically.
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May 14, 2019

UserAPI Improvement & Price Reduction

An improvement to the UserAPI has been released with additional methods for easier integration coding and also added methods for adding, modifying, and deleting tickets, see Ticket Module Add-On below for more information on this topic.   In addition we've also reduced the cost of the UserAPI as it is now a global fee per customer rather than previously there was a cost for each device on the customer account.
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April 22, 2019

Expanded System Code Import

The system code import function has been improved whereas now you can also import login name, password, login profile, and email address for a user.  In addition you can now also batch email the new user's login information as an option after the import is completed.  This makes adding several users at one time via a spreadsheet extremely convenient since now even the notification to the user is automated.
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April 4, 2019

Mobile Badge & Verification Scan with ScanPass®

Another exciting value add feature is now available! Mobile Badge:A user's badge consists of the following: Logo (Dealer's Logo is default or Customer's Logo may be uploaded) Name Picture Custom Fields 1-4 Barcode for Verification Scanning Green Border for Active, Red Border for InactiveThe mobile badge in the Connect ONE App can be used in-place of a physical badge It is accessible in the Connect ONE App 1) from the login screen (if remember me was checked), 2) from the Account window, and 3) from the ScanPass screen. A guard or other personnel with administrative permissions can scan the barcode on ...
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March 26, 2019

Dealer Default Customer Options

Upon dealer request there is now the possibility of setting default customer options for all of your Connect ONE customers.  The options include dealer logo, color scheme, navigation menu titles, and more.  Each option may be overridden per customer by selecting individual options for the specific customer.
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March 18, 2019

GeoView System Mapping

Another exciting value add feature is now available to grow more RMR! GeoView System Mapping: Map Locations for Real-Time Status & Control to Google Maps Easily drag/place Markers for: System Health Arm/Disarm Status & Control (Multi-Area) Zones & Sensors (including Environmental & Weather Sensors) Doors & Outputs Cameras (also Live View within Map) Upload Floorplans and overlay on top of Satellite ImageAt-A-Glance Status coloring and Animation on change
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November 19, 2018

User Permission By Area Report

A new report has been added which can list user(s) with matching permissions to a one or multiple site/area(s) Your customer now has a convenient security audit tool: Verify access has been authorized properly and ensures mistakes were not made Quick insight into who could have access to the area following an incident The permissions may be derived from either the user's Login Profile or System Profile(s) selectively.  This allows for the report to illustrate whether the user's login permission allows authority to manage certain areas separately from their authority with their passcode ...
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October 1, 2018

OpenEye NVR Systems Supported

Seamless integration is now possible between OpenEye Web Services NVR and Connect ONE® cloud platform.The OpenEye NVR and Connect ONE can be integrated via the OpenEye OWS Cloud. The cloud integration between OpenEye's Cloud and Connect ONE’s cloud service eliminates the need to connect to an IP address or to open an inbound port on the end user’s network firewall. Once connected, users can retrieve a camera list for quick and easy configuration, view live video, record snapshots upon an event from the Intrusion/Access System for video verification or review a 10-second ...
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September 18, 2018

2-Factor Authentication added to Customer Site

We're happy to announce 2-factor authentication which has been available on the Connect ONE Dealer Site has now also been added to the Connect ONE Customer Site in accordance with our commitment to ensuring data security. Your customer can enable 2-factor authentication for any user.  They may also require 2-factor authentication for users which is specified within their login profile. When enabled the user must enter a 6-digit authentication code after providing their username and password.  The 6-digit code is generated via an App such as the Google Authenticator App and is valid for only 30 seconds.
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August 8, 2018

System Profile - Show/Modify Option

We released a new System Profile Option which allows you to set a master permission. The option is selectable by the dealer under the Device->Profiles menu of the customer account section on the Dealer Site. The option sets the following: Show & Modify, Show Only, or Do Not Show. If set to Show Only the profile cannot be modified by the customer regardless of their permissions. If set to Do Not Show the profile will be hidden from the customer selections. This option is helpful if there are certain profiles which should be restricted from customer use.
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August 2, 2018

Change Request Reminder Option

We released a new Customer Option which prompts your customer to send you a change request submission whenever a user is modified. The option is selectable by the dealer under the Customer Options menu of the customer account section on the Dealer Site. The request has also been improved to accommodate multiple user changes within a single request submission so as to limit the amount of request emails sent into the dealer's inbox. Further it can also include the changed user's system code information, this can be helpful if the central station needs the user's code, which may have ...
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July 20, 2018

Send Reports at Customized Times

A new reporting feature has been added which allows your customer to select the time the report is delivered We're happy to announce a requested feature update which brings extend options for your customers. Properly configured security and access reporting is essential to provide the necessary business intelligence. Connect ONE now offers the following report timings: (new in BOLD) Daily - Events: 12am-11:59pm, Delivered: 12am each Day Overnight - Events: 7am-6:59am, Delivered: 7am each Day Weekly - Events: Mon @ 12am- Sun @ 11:59pm, Delivered: Monday @ 12am each Week Monthly - Events: 1st @ 12am- Last Day @ 11:59pm, Delivered: 1st @ 12...
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June 8, 2018

Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR Systems Supported

We recently added support for Digital Watchdog NVR systems.  These systems are compatible with the Connect ONE Browser App and the Mobile Apps for Android and iOS devices.   With the Digital Watchdog Spectrum NVR and Connect ONE you can: Integration with the DW Cloud for access to the NVR without port forwarding or incoming firewall rulesRetrieve a Camera List for quick & easy configurationView Live VideoRecord Snapshots upon an Event from the Intrusion/Access System for Video VerificationReview a 10-second Pre-Event and up to 45-second Post-Event Video Clip
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June 4, 2018

Checkpoint Tours

A new feature has been activated for tracking Checkpoint Tours.  ScanPass Mobile Credentials and/or Access Cards can be used at designated access points to track checkpoint activity.  The access point is configured as a start, middle, or end checkpoint.  As the user scans/swipes at each checkpoint their access is logged and can be reviewed. EconomicalMultiple checkpoints can be added economically by using ScanPass barcodes in place of card readers.  The user can scan the barcode with their phone using the Connect ONE App and their ScanPass Mobile Credential - no equipment (besides the ...
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June 1, 2018

Warning Messages when Arming Improved

If there is a warning message when arming because of faulted zones, authority issue, etc., the message now appears below the arming buttons, previously the warning message was only displayed on the Activity page.
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May 2, 2018

Device Health Dashboard & Report

  We’ve recently revamped the Device Health Dashboard on the Connect ONE Dealer Site and included proactive notifications to dealer support personnel. The dashboard has been revamped to include multiple trouble status indicators for devices.  Previously it only showed communication supervision troubles, now it also includes: AC Power, Low Battery, Network / Phone Line Troubles, and any Zone Troubles.In addition to the dashboard update, the weekly status email to your dealer support has been updated to show any device trouble of the conditions stated above.  We've also included a proactive email notification to your dealer ...
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March 26, 2018

Integrated Support for Geovision IP Cameras

We recently added support for Geovision IP Cameras. These cameras support authentication protection supported in all browsers and in both the Apple and Android Applications.New Time Saving Feature when Configuring IP Cameras Now you can setup multiple cameras within the same device account even though the cameras are assigned to different IP addresses and ports. This is a more convenient option than creating a new device account for each IP camera as was previously required, saving on setup time.
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March 19, 2018

Introducing ScanPass Mobile Credential with Auto-Scan

We’re happy to announce a new feature for ScanPass Mobile Credentials called Auto-Scan. Auto-Scan allows you to simply press the Connect ONE App and present the phone to the door. That’s it. When Auto-Scan is disabled the user must press the ScanPass icon on the App and then present the phone to the door. Auto-Scan simplifies and cuts down on the entry time for accessing the door.
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March 5, 2018

2-Factor Authentication Added to Dealer Site

We're happy to announce 2-factor authentication has been added to the Connect ONE Dealer Site in accordance with our commitment to ensuring data security. You can enable 2-factor authentication for any dealer user.  You may also require 2-factor authentication for users which is specified within their login profile. When enabled the user must enter a 6-digit authentication code after providing their username and password.  The 6-digit code is generated via an App such as the Google Authenticator App and is valid for only 30 seconds.
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March 1, 2018

Weather Monitoring/Alerts Module Added

We’ve recently added a brand new module which brings weather monitoring and alerts to Connect ONE. The weather module is an add-on to any customer site; a nominal add-on fee is required, please refer to the Connect ONE price guide.  Your customers can now monitor 6 weather metrics, updated every 30-60 minutes: Temperature Relative Humidity Current Condition Wind Speed Barometric Pressure Dew Point Each of the metrics can be programmed with a low and high threshold limit which can deliver notifications and interact with other devices onsite such as the alarm/access systems and thermostats. Historical reporting ...
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February 5, 2018

DoorBird Video Doorbell Integration Support Added

We’ve recently added support for DoorBird video doorbell devices. Your customers can now: 1) View Live Video 2) Open the Door from the Video screen 3) Open the DoorBird App from the Video screen for 2-way Audio 4) Integrate the Video with Alarm/Access events from the Alarm Control Panel for Video Verification DoorBird models include residential and commercial applications perfect for locked entry points in access control applications.  
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January 5, 2018

Scheduled Task Rules

A Task Rule is a way to group multiple commands and activate all in a single action. Task rules may be activated manually, in response to an event, with a delayed time up to 4 hours, from a 3rd party service such as IFTTT, and now with a future scheduled date/time. The future activation date/time means that you no longer need to remember to manually activate the task rule a few days from now.
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December 14, 2017

Dealer Site Improved with Responsive Design

The Connect ONE Dealer Site has been improved with a responsive design for all devices - PCs, phones, and tabletsResponsive DesignPhase 1 of the Connect ONE Dealer Site redesign has been completed which improves the usability of the site for all devices including phones and tablets. Previously those devices were supported but required zooming on the page to use the site effectively. Now the time saving technician feature, SmartTest, has never been easier to use since its easily selected from the display on a mobile phone. We've also improved the look and feel to be consistent with the Connect ONE ...
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November 13, 2017

Improved Support & New Options for Bosch B/G Series Control Panels

Exciting new capabilities including easier setup and programming for Bosch B and G series control panelsPersistent Cloud ConnectionsCloud connected panels with firmware 3.04 or greater utilizing the Bosch Remote Connect Service will now maintain a persistent connection with Connect ONE. The greatest benefit of this design is that the Personal Notification feature no longer needs to be programmed into the control panel for event reporting to Connect ONE. Now the control panel pushes events to Connect ONE in real-time, previously there was a short delay in receiving events using the Personal Notification method. Another benefit is faster command/action processing (...
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September 1, 2017

Code/Card Import Utility Expanded for Bosch B/G Series Control Panels

Now you and your customers with Bosch B/G series control panels can upload a list of codes and cards from a comma separated values (CSV) file. The file can include user name, code, card #, external card #, area authority levels, login profile, and up to 5 custom fields.
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August 22, 2017

Provide your building and facilities management customers automatic notification capabilities with easy and seamless tracking of service, critical events, and incidents with the new Connect ONE® ticket module

Service/Repair Tracking The module tracks service and repair tickets in real time, especially helpful in a large organization, facility or campus environment, ensuring prompt handling and remediation. It seamlessly notifies responsible parties with documents shared to all repair vendors simultaneously. It also stores the history of a repair and notifies responsible parties immediately of any actions taking place related to the service ticket. Incident Case Management The Connect ONE module tracks security related incidents and specific actions taken and remedies or if additional service may be required, including detailed reporting, work orders, history, photos, or other documentation uploaded ...
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July 7, 2017

Customer Area, Door & Output Name Changes

Customer Change A new page has been added to the customer site which allows an Administrator to edit the names of the areas, doors, and outputs in the panel.  Name changes from this page do not alter the names within the control panel.  The change is made for the customer site only and the dealer site will retain both names, the customer chosen name as well as the panel name.  This new page is located in the Utilities section of the customer site.  This new feature gives your customer the flexibility to customize their system without requiring ...
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June 19, 2017

Your Customers Driving Additional RMR

Your customers can now request additional features and services directly from the Connect ONE application. These additional features will not only make your customer stickier but also help to drive additional RMR for your company. Your customer may access the request form by clicking on the Request button at the top right of the screen or from the side menu. The request will be delivered to your support email address for your dealer account and a copy of the message will be sent to your customer.This new feature is also designed to make sure you customers know all ...
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June 16, 2017

Event Rule Action Rate Limiting

Your customer now has options to rate limit the actions present in an Event Rule. Those actions may consist of email or push notifications or they may also be related to Video capture or even task activation, which ever they are each can have its own configurable rate limit. Options to limit the action can be never, i.e. no limit, up to 24 hours. For instance, if someone only wanted to be notified of an access event, once every 24 hours, that could happen with rate limiting the action. This feature was added in response to a dealer's customer which ...
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June 15, 2017

Sunrise/Sunset Schedules for DMP XR Control Panels

We're pleased to announce the addition of sunrise/sunset schedule options in a Time Window for DMP XR series control panels which were added in firmware version 171. Options now exist to start/stop a time window at sunrise or sunset with offsets of up to 60 minutes before and up to 60 minutes after the rise/set.
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June 8, 2017

Simplified User Management with System Templates

Further Simplifying User Data Entry A powerful new feature has been added for multi-site applications called System Profile Templates. Your customer can now specify templates which are comprised of individual system profile permissions across multiple systems.  When adding a new code, simply choose the template to use and the new code will be added to all systems specified in the template in one click, secondary batch options are no longer required.  Once the code has been added using a template it now becomes a single line entry for easy modification across multiple systems. As your customer's ...
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May 31, 2017

3rd Party Integration with Open UserAPI – Now Expanded for Bosch B/G Series Control Panels

Dealers were asking for one-point data entry for companies utilizing human resource software so they could automatically populate the access control database without re-entering data. Connect ONE® by Connected Technologies, LLC delivered, with the Access Expander’s Open User Application Programming Interface (API). Security.World - https://security.world/connect-one-focuses-on-delivering-simple-integrated-services-with-new-open-apis/Now dealers can integrate their connected Bosch B & G series control panels with Connect ONE and third-party human resource software via the API, previously supported on the DMP XR and Elk M1 platforms. It can also be deployed for membership based facilities, opening the door of ...
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May 9, 2017

Event Notification Bounce Delivered to Dealer

A new feature has been added which captures bounces from event notifications to your customers' email and/or text message addresses. Your support email will receive the notification so that your customer's contact information can be corrected and prevent them missing any important messages from their connected systems.
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May 5, 2017

IFTTT Webhook Trigger

A new dedicated IFTTT webhook trigger has been added to the Connect ONE Task Rule Actions. Now a trigger action can be sent into the customer's IFTTT recipes to trigger any number of IFTTT connected services.
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March 22, 2017

User Badge Support

User Badge Support A new feature has been released to support user badge creation.  A new button exists within a user record, called Badge.  This opens a browser window, see screenshot, which shows a badge image that comprises of the user's image, name, and up to 4 custom fields which can be edited by your customer.  The badge can be printed horizontally or vertically, as well as downloaded as a JPEG image.  There is also an Export button which downloads a csv (comma separated values) file that can be used to import into the customer's external ...
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March 10, 2017

Push Notifications

Push Notifications - Another method of notification now possible with the Connect ONE® Android and Apple Apps Your customer can now enjoy push messages to their mobile device as another method of notification options which already included email, text messaging, and onscreen alerts.  Push notifications are enabled through the use of custom Event Rules.  Rules are 100% flexible in configuring what type of events and when to receive the notification.  In addition, the push notification can be configured to be silent or audible and may be individually enabled per mobile device.  They also follow the ...
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March 1, 2017

Critical Carbon Dioxide Monitoring & Historical Logging

Carbon Dioxide sensing joins temperature & humidity in the list of monitored conditions of Connect ONE’s alerting and historical reporting functions.  Now your customer can view the real-time carbon dioxide level of a room as well as receive alerts if the pre-defined low or high thresholds are reached.  Also, the carbon dioxide level can be logged for historical reporting.  The logging intervals are the same as temperature & humidity sensors, which are: 1, 2, 4, or 6 times per day, or bi-hourly, hourly, or semi-hourly. Carbon Dioxide monitoring is critical for: Agriculture including livestock monitoring Greenhouses to promote ...
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March 1, 2017

Onscreen Alerts Now Have More Applications

We’ve expanded the onscreen alert notifications for more uses including door bell applications.  Previously onscreen alerts could either be silent or audible with an alarm siren tone.  Now there are a total of 5 onscreen alert modes: Low – which is a silent alert that automatically clears Medium – a silent alert which needs to be acknowledged High – an audible alert with chime tone Critical – an audible alert with siren tone Chime – an audible alert with chime tone for 5 seconds and automatically clears, i.e. a door bell application. Onscreen alerts can be ...
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February 10, 2017

Monitor Anything, Voice Activation, Geolocation, or "You Design It." Now Available with the All New EmailAPI Feature

We’re excited to announce a brand new integration feature called EmailAPI.  The EmailAPI feature allows for users and other systems to send Connect ONE emails for monitoring/notifications and/or to activate functions within Connect ONE.   For instance, someone using the voice activation feature on their mobile phone can say send email to Connect ONE, provide their pin, and then say the task to activate.  This will follow all of the same permissions that exist for the user, therefore they will only be able to activate the tasks which are allowed for ...
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February 7, 2017

Custom Email Generation & 3rd Party System Activations

A new action has been added to the Connect ONE Task Rules.  Now a custom email can be delivered as a part of the task activation commands.  The email can be customized with the from address, to address, subject, and body of the email.  This can be used to activate 3rd party systems.  For instance, the 3rd party service IFTTT (If This Then That) allows you to send an email to it with a custom #hashtag in the subject.  This email can activate other services the customer may have, such as August locks, ...
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December 23, 2016

Even More Customization

Now you can customize even more of the customer application.  Along with the ability to customize the color scheme and logo image on the customer interface for each individual customer you can now also customize the navigation names.  This allows you to completely tailor the application to fit the individual use of your customer's system.  For instance, you could rename the Doors & Outputs section to Access Doors, or Users could be renamed to People.
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December 20, 2016

Customer Support Requests

A Support Request feature is now available.  This can be accessed from Utilities or when editing a user and if the user has contact information there is a link that says Send Change Request.  It will allow your customer to easily communicate with you about support, service, and change requests.   Here's one example your customer can do: They can use the custom fields and Phone/Email contact information to store information about a user, for instance they could use a custom field to store the central station authority option.   After the information is entered for ...
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December 7, 2016

New Reporting Options

A new report detailing system codes that are expiring soon or have already expired can now be generated. A new option has been added to the report filters to select users by profile. This provides a method to easily select a group of users rather than each user individually. Also it allows for simpler interaction event rule management, since if a profile is selected as the filter, the rule will automatically include a new user in the profile. Previously the report filter would have to be updated so that the new user is reflected in the rule.
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December 1, 2016

Nest Cameras Now Supported

We are excited to announce support for Nest indoor and outdoor cameras.  Now you can install Nest cameras for your customer and they may be viewable within Connect ONE.  This includes the ability to view multiple locations on the same screen.  Support also includes capturing snapshots via Video Verification rules.  Video Verification can occur for any event including but not limited to alarm and access events.  The Nest Cameras also provide Live Audio within Connect ONE, on-demand and while live viewing a video verification event.
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November 10, 2016

Honeywell Vista Turbo Control Panels Support Connect ONE® and ScanPass® Mobile Credentials

Dealers installing VISTA Series panels can now add state-of- the-art access control Now, security dealers can easily add the latest access control feature ScanPass® Mobile Credential to their customer’s Honeywell VISTA installations. Powered by Connect ONE, ScanPass Mobile Credential is a high-security access control application never before available with the Honeywell line. The VISTA-128BPT and VISTA-250BPT control panels interface with ScanPass Mobile Credential through Honeywell’s V-PLEX polling loop technology or 4204 Relay Modules, opening up new access control specification possibilities for installers and their customers.Through the Connect ONE Web-Hosted interface, Honeywell ...
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November 7, 2016

Interaction Event Rules

A security dealer of a multi-location bank institution asked us for the ability to temporarily bypass their notification rules when they perform system testing.  This feature was already available from the dealer site but was not available to the customer without deactivating each rule then having to remember to reactivate after testing.  Now the customer can bypass any rule for 2 hours, after 2 hours the rule will automatically become active once again, otherwise they may choose to reactivate manually prior to the bypass period ending. As always we were happy to accommodate their request and now all of ...
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October 10, 2016

Bosch B/G Control Panels Now Support ScanPass® Mobile Credential

ScanPass Mobile Credential is the next generation in simplifying access control integrations.No longer is it necessary to purchase or install readers, cards or fobs, reducing system costs for both dealers and their customers. Installation is as easy as putting a barcode sticker on the door.  A smartphone reads the barcode to identify the door and a unique credential in the phone is used to identify the individual. ScanPass is managed the same as a card or fob. It's that simple! Compatible with: NEW! Bosch B/G Series (B3512, B4512, B5512, B6512, B8512G, B9512G) ELK M1 ...
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October 7, 2016

Monthly Automated Reports Added

A security dealer of a multi-location bank institution asked us for monthly open/close reports rather than the current daily or weekly options.  The bank's financial auditors required a monthly log and therefore the bank manager requested to receive a monthly report rather than piece together multiple weekly reports.  As always we were happy to accommodate their request and now all of your customers on the PRO service level have an option for Daily, Weekly, and/or Monthly automated reports.
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September 1, 2016

Bosch Remote Connect Cloud Support

Bosch's Remote Connect service offers connectivity for Connect ONE and RPS without port forwarding and it universally allows for ethernet and/or cellular connection options.  Network connections are provided with the onboard ethernet port and cellular connections are provided using the Bosch cellular radio add-on module.  Router and firewall configuring is no longer necessary when using the Remote Connect service.
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August 15, 2016

Bosch B6512 Control Panel Support

Connect ONE now supports the latest Bosch B series control panel, the B6512, which: Provides up to 96 points using a combination of hardwired or wireless devices for installation flexibility and up to 6 areas with perimeter and interior control On-board Ethernet port for Conettix IP alarm communication and remote programming, compatible with modern IP networks including IPv6/IPv4, Auto-IP, and Universal Plug and Play Provides up to 4 access doors  
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July 15, 2016

Email New User Login Instructions

A new time saving feature has been added which can automatically generate an email, to a created user login, all of the necessary instructions to login to the Connect ONE application.  It will also randomly generate a password that the user can change when they login.  The random password ensures strong security.  The login instruction email may be generated from the Customer Site or the Dealer Site, allowing the dealer a quick and convenient method to emailing a new customer their login information and instructions. Another recent feature added was a password strength meter.  This ...
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June 7, 2016

Low/High Temperature/Humidity Alarm Thresholds Configurable by Your Customer

Now your customer can configure low/high alarm threshold levels for temperature and humidity sensors on their own.  On the Utilities menu they can select Zones & Sensors and rename each sensor as well as set/adjust the low and high threshold level.  Any change will be logged with the old and new value as an event.  This will prevent any possible contention of who made the change.  Previously this was a feature reserved for the dealer on the Dealer Site, now the dealer does not need to be involved with the decision of threshold level.
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June 7, 2016

See who last Armed/Disarmed from the Arm/Disarm Menu

Now you can see who last armed or disarmed right from the Arm/Disarm menu where you can also change the arm status.  This allows a quick reference to see who last armed or disarmed along with the time/date and the user's phone number to contact if needed.
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May 19, 2016

Output Group Management

Now you can add/modify/delete output groups on DMP XR panels right from the Dealer Site.  Previously this task had to be performed in RemoteLink.  Output groups are mainly used for Elevator Control with DMP panels.  Now you can regroup floors quickly and effortlessly.  For even better elevator control, view the Connect ONE Access Expander, which can handle multiple cabs and floors seamlessly in a user's profile.
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May 9, 2016

Code/Card Activation Date

Creating a new code/card in advance has never been easier since now you can set an activation date on a system code/card.  This effectively allows you to have a user's information added ahead of their arrival without granting them permission to soon before its necessary. The Activation Date feature is available on all system control panels including ELK, Bosch, and DMP.  ELK M1 systems with the Connect ONE Access Expander and DMP XR systems also have the benefit of including an Expiration Date.  On those systems you can specify an automatic ...
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April 13, 2016

Bosch Skeds Support

Bosch Skeds are now supported in the B8512G and B9512G control panels.  Customers can now edit existing skeds programmed in the control panel to modify the time/date, days of the week, and holiday execution of the schedule.  Skeds appear on the Schedules tab of the Customer Site.  
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April 4, 2016

3rd Party Integration with Open UserAPI

The Connect ONE Access Expander just became even more powerful. It now supports the open UserAPI for 3rd party interfaces to add, modify, deactivate, and delete Users and System Codes. This is the perfect solution for Storage Facilities, Fitness Centers, or any other facility which has memberships. A new member can be assigned access without having to re-enter their information into Connect ONE - saving on double entries. Likewise when their membership has expired their access can automatically deactivate without any human intervention. Another great solution is integration with time & attendance or other HR programs to ...
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March 14, 2016

User In/Out & Exception Activity Dashboards Plus More

We've recently added new features that greatly enhance the customer experience: A User In/Out Activity Dashboard has been added.  Available on any Monitor page, Options->View User In/Out.  This will automatically update with user in/out activity for the last 24 hours in near real-time.  This dashboard may be kept open to watch where people currently are within the customer's facilities.   An Exception Activity Dashboard has been added.  Available on any Monitor page, Options->View Exceptions.  This will automatically update with door/output & zone exception activity in near real-time. &...
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February 22, 2016

DMP XR Control Panels Now Support ScanPass® Mobile Credential

ScanPass Mobile Credential is the next generation in simplifying access control integrations.No longer is it necessary to purchase or install readers, cards or fobs, reducing system costs for both dealers and their customers. Installation is as easy as putting a barcode sticker on the door.  A smartphone reads the barcode to identify the door and a unique credential in the phone is used to identify the individual. ScanPass is managed the same as a card or fob. It's that simple! Compatible with: NEW! DMP XR150, XR350, and XR550 Control Panels ELK M1 Gold and EZ8 Control Panels &...
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January 22, 2016

DMP XR550 with 96 Access Door Capacity Now Supported

DMP recently announced version 111 firmware for the XR550 control panel which expands its access control capability from 16 doors to 96 doors.    Connect ONE fully supports the additional door capacity.  A XR550 panel is now 32 door capable out of the box with two additional 32 door feature codes which can be ordered separately.   This will accommodate larger systems without the necessity to stack control panels.
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January 7, 2016

ScanPass Mobile Credential

Unlock Doors Fast Using Smartphone or Tablet Introducing ScanPass powered by Connect ONE. Now you can provide Cutting Edge Technology and Value to your clients while generating significant additional Monthly Recurring Revenue. Easily affixed barcode stickers eliminate access control cards/fobs and readers. Complete jobs faster, more profitable and secure! Learn More
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January 5, 2016

Mobile App Gets All Management Functions

The mobile App for Apple and Android devices now supports all management functions New functions include: Reporting (Event Detail, In/Out, Exit Exception, Historical Temperature/Humidity & Custom) Interaction (Event Rules, Time Rules, Task Rules) Users & System Codes Profiles (Login & System) Schedules Utilities Previously the App was capable of the controlling functions provided in the Monitor section. The App was deigned for seamless operation since the look & feel is identical to the Browser version and a common Login Profile restricts the App and Browser permissions alike.  
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January 4, 2016

Improved Usability Features

Ease of Permissions   The Admin Login Profile now grants full permissions to the user for all systems regardless of the user's codes. Previously, the user would need a code with the necessary permission to manage the system. This is still true for any user that doesn't belong to the Admin profile group. The Login to Customer Site option on the Dealer Site has been revamped.  Previously you had two options: 1) Login to the Customer Site as your dealer user with full permissions, or 2) Login to the Customer Site as a customer user with read-only permissions.  The ...
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November 1, 2015

Announcing the Connect ONE Access Expander

The Access Expander is on the shelf and ready to ship.Plug-in & Go – Instant Always-On Communication(No Network/Router Configuration Required/No Port Forwarding)16 Access Doors – Expandable by Stacking Control Panels10,000 Users (Keypad Codes and/or 26-bit Access Cards)1000 Profiles (Arming & Access Permissions with Scheduling)250 Time Schedules50 Holidays (can be set to a date range, i.e. one holiday can span multiple days)Door & Output Schedules (up to 8 Time Schedules applied per output)Elevator Control2500 count event buffer – storing of events if the ...
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October 14, 2015

Critical Humidity Monitoring & Historical Logging

Humidity sensing joins temperature in the list of monitored conditions of Connect ONE’s alerting and historical reporting functions.  Now your customer can view the real-time relative humidity level of a room as well as receive alerts if the pre-defined low or high thresholds are reached.  Also, the humidity level can be logged for historical reporting.  The logging intervals are the same as temperature sensors, which are: 1, 2, 4, or 6 times per day, or bi-hourly, hourly, or semi-hourly.   The Network Gateway module is required to monitor humidity.  It will accept up to one combination temperature/...
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October 13, 2015

Customer Zone Name Changes

Customer Zone Change A new page has been added to the customer site which allows an Administrator to edit the names of the zones in the panel.  Name changes from this page do not alter the names within the control panel.  The change is made for the customer site only and the dealer site will retain both names, the customer chosen name as well as the panel name.  This new page is located in the Utilities section of the customer site.  This new feature gives your customer the flexibility to customize their system without requiring dealer intervention.
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September 28, 2015

Faster Command Processing

We’ve improved the command processing wait period which exists when processing commands with a device selected for the network/cellular direct connect method.  Your customer should now experience near instantaneous control.
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August 4, 2015

Access Card Management Support for Bosch Control Panels

Now your customer and/or your customer support staff can manage access cards for Bosch B and G series control panels from the Connect ONE application.  The access card management is in addition to the passcode management that already existed and is all on the same screen for quick & easy changes.  Along with access cards you can now also manage and assign the RF button keyfob id's for a user.   Bosch B9512G and B8512G panels support 26-bit wiegand and 37-bit wiegand credentials. Bosch B5512, B4512, and B3512 panels support 26-bit wiegand credentials.  
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July 10, 2015

Temporary Schedules Enhanced, Improved Lockdown, & More

Temporary Schedules Enhanced Now your customer can prepare a schedule ahead of time using the temporary option.  The temporary option has always allowed for an expiration time but now we’ve also added a start time.  This allows for schedules to be in place ahead of when they are required since they won’t be sent to the panel until the start time. One example for school districts allows them to create a summer schedule and an in-session schedule.  When the summer schedule ends the in-session schedule will begin and vice-versa without any user ...
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June 9, 2015

Interfaces with New Bosch G Series Security Panels

With a new interface Connected Technologies developed for its Connect ONE cloud-hosted platform, the Bosch G Series panels let systems integrators easily expand their access control operations from eight to 32 doors and up to 2,000 users. The Bosch G Series joins Connect ONE’s current B Series panel integration, already in place. With the Connect ONE integration, security dealers using the Bosch G Series models B8512G and B9512G will be able to bid on an even wider range of access control specifications – from simple premises control to enterprise customers. This integration provides additional efficiencies to dealers ...
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April 23, 2015

Task Rules, Code Import, Zone Options, & More

  Task Rule Feature We are excited to tell you about a brand new feature called Task Rules.  A Task Rule is a way to group multiple commands and activate all in a single action. Commands may also be delayed whereas some commands can act now and others can take place in the future automatically. Task rules can be activated manually or automatically.   Manual activation from the Monitor->Activity, Monitor->Cameras, or Monitor->Task screens.  Now if your watching a camera view you can instantly activate a task which could unlock the ...
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March 18, 2015

Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller Now Supported plus New Output Types

Now your customer can enjoy garage door control with the Linear Z-Wave controller which is compatible with the DMP control panels and operable via Connect ONE.  Your customer can see the status “Open” or “Closed” and also control the door via the “Open” and “Close” buttons. Two new Output Types added Barrier and Barrier Toggle.  Now you can assign these types to any wiegand door or relay output on DMP, Bosch, or ELK control panels.  The Barrier option will show the output status as “Open” or &...
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March 11, 2015

Dealer Override of Door, Output, & Zone Names

Now you can use the names stored in the panel for more technical oriented descriptions such as device locations and you have the option to override those names to customer friendly descriptions from the dealer website.  Plus as an added benefit you won't lose the technical description when viewed from the dealer website.  So a technician using SmartTest will see both the customer friendly name and the specific technical name/location in the same place.  This is one more example of our commitment to providing the best overall experience to not only your customer but also ...
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March 5, 2015

NEW & Improved User Portal! One Interface for All Devices

Same use on desktop/mobile browsers as well as the mobile app for andoird and ios Now only one interface to learn and support! Responsive DesignNo more zooming - All functions have the same ease of use no matter what screen size Monitor SectionTwo New Pages - Security & Automation Security shows Arming Areas and Zones on the same page Now you can Bypass an individual zone and Arm at the same time Automation shows Doors, Outputs, HVAC, Lights, & Tasks on the same page Easier Flow to CommandsNow you select your control commands and the Send button will ...
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January 27, 2015

Close More Sales with Connect ONE® SmartShow™

Connect ONE® is the only interface you need for all your customer’s integrations - security, access control, video monitoring, energy management and critical temperature monitoring. Now it’s easier than ever to sell Connect ONE® with SmartShow™, the industry’s first vertical-market-specific virtual demonstration. No more sales demos illustrating unrelated projects that leave prospects scratching their heads wondering if you REALLY have the capabilities they need. With SmartShow, demos are tailored to the customer’s premises, illustrating zones, for example, that pertain to their vertical, as well as industry-specific video camera ...
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January 23, 2015

Video Event Share, ELK Direct Connects & More!

Video Event Share Upon receiving a video event there is a new share icon which allows you to share the event with anyone else via email / text messaging.  Since the video verification is NOT just alarm but any event, this could be used for a co-worker, family member, first responder, central station, etc. Use this feature in combination with the SmartShow presentation to send your prospect a video event right to their email. ELK M1 Now Supports Network Direct Connections Now your customer can enjoy immediate commands on ELK M1 systems via a Network Direct Connect.  This ...
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December 18, 2014

Bosch Intrusion Panel Support & More

Bosch B Series Intrusion Control Panels Now Integrated   New exciting capabilities for Bosch B Series Panels Real-Time Activity Area Status plus Arming and Disarming Zone Status plus Bypass and Unbypass Output Status plus On and Off Reporting (Storage of events for up to 1 year) User Code Add, Edit, Delete, Deactivate Authority Level Viewing Automatic System Time Update Alarm Bell Silence Sensor Reset System Status View - AC Power / Battery Interactions with Thermostats & Video Thermostat Setbacks based on Arming Status Video Verification of Alarm, Arming/Disarming, or any other Event Interactions with SMS & Email plus Pop-Up ...
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November 17, 2014

Video Verification, Triggered Lockdown & More!

Video Verification - Simple, Affordable, Powerful  Deliver even more value to your customers on the PRO Service Level with included video verification.  Now Interaction Rules can be configured to capture snapshots of up to 5 cameras which will be stored in the cloud for one year.  The customer can view the recorded snapshots along with live video onscreen in real-time, through generated reports, and via email when the event occurred.  The snapshot capture and live viewing works with all compatible DVR,NVR, IP camera devices (see logos on the partner page) and on ExacqVision/GanzVision devices ...
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September 17, 2014

Master/Slave Panel Configuration

Master/Slave Panel Configuration so the customer can manage one code and Connect ONE will handle the programming for each slave panel in the background. This applies to systems which require multiple panels to handle a large number of access doors. Previously the customer would see all the codes for each panel separately. A new option exists for DMP XR series panels to allow a master and slave selection. The customer now only needs to view/modify the code on the master panel and all the slave panels will be handled automatically by Connect ONE. Below is a screenshot ...
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August 28, 2014

Bulk Add Users / New Profile Layout / New Search / New Dealer Login Permissions

Bulk Update/Add Users by Profile for DMP XR Series Panels Now your customers have a simplified way to add another profile to an existing group of users or they can also add an existing group of users from one panel to another panel with the selected profile. This is handy when a group of users need another profile added to their code or when adding a new panel to an existing account, now groups of users can be added to the new panel very quickly. This feature helped a customer add a 2nd profile to 355 users all at ...
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August 5, 2014

Nest Thermostats Now Integrated with Connect ONE

Now your customer can enjoy energy management via the Nest Thermostat and integrate it with DMP and ELK control panels via Connect ONE. They can also use Connect ONE to control their Nest thermostats and view current temperature and modes. The integration requires zero hardware other than the Wifi Nest Thermostat and the DMP or ELK control panel, all the magic happens in the cloud with Connect ONE.
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July 17, 2014

New Account Setup just got Easier

There is a new button now on the dealer site when you go to the codes for a device. It's labeled "Assign New User". You can first check the codes you want or choose All at the top then click the button.  It will ask you what login profile to use and click continue. All codes selected will get new users created for them automatically.
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June 27, 2014

Video Pop-Out Window Option

Now your customer can choose the Pop-Out option for a camera window. This will open the camera view in a new window that can be placed anywhere on the desktop, including another monitor. Now the camera window will remain open no matter what page they're on, i.e. they can be changing a user code and the video can still be viewed. They can pop-out as many camera windows as will fit on their screen. They still have all the same options for increasing the resolution and quality as well. Except now those values are also saved. This way ...
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June 24, 2014

iPhone/iPad App - Now Available in the iTunes Store

The App supports all of the mobile features and is now available for download from the iTunes Store.  This will provide a easier path for the customer to use the app without needing to store the bookmark icon to their homescreen. View in iTunes Store        
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June 6, 2014

Custom Fields & New Reporting Layout

Custom Fields available for storing User Information! Now your customer can individually name and store up to five custom fields of information about a user. Each field may be set to be searchable or hidden. If set to searchable then the contents will be shown in the user list and will allow for sorting and searching of the information.   New Reporting Layout! Now a single screen shows predefined reports and your customer's custom reports.
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June 2, 2014

Faulted Zones are now displayed alongside the Arming Status

Now faulted zones are shown when the area is disarmed, hovering or tapping will show a list of zones faulted.
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May 23, 2014

New Arming Modes Supported & Desktop/Mobile Updated

Updates for Arming Mode Selections! DMP Panels - All/Perimeter & Home/Sleep/Away Arming Modes are Now Supported including the default Area Arming Mode. A new option has been added to the dealer site allowing you to set the arming mode of the panel. If you change the mode from the default area mode, the customer will see their entire system with the correct arming modes available. The arming mode option is configurable on the device general page under options on the dealer site. ELK Panels - Show/Hide Arming Options Now Supported. A new option has been ...
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April 29, 2014

Android App Now Available & Mobile Updated

Android App - Now Available in the Play Store! The App supports all of the mobile features and is now available for download from the Google Play Store. This will provide a easier path for the customer to use the app without needing to store the bookmark icon to their homescreen. Updated Mobile Application for all Devices! The Mobile Application for all devices has been updated: Improved Look & Feel Improved Performance Faster & Better Quality when Viewing Video "Set to My Home Page" button added - i.e. default to the Arm/Disarm page.
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April 7, 2014

Updated Code Deactivation Plus More

Updated Code Deactivation on DMP XR Panels! When a code is deactivated instead of being deleted from the control panel, the code information remains with the profile number set to zero. Now when the user attempts to use their code, card, keyfob, etc. the control panel will be able to match it to the user and it will report Access Denied: Unauthorized, Invalid Profile with the user's name to Connect ONE. This will allow the customer to see if a deactivated user attempts to access the building. Previously the control panel would report an Access Denied: Unknown Code without ...
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March 6, 2014

New Temporary Schedule Option

A new option is added to any Time, Area, Door, or Output Schedule which allows it to become temporary and therefore it will automatically be removed after the time specified. This is great when the customer requires a door to be unlocked at certain times each day but only for the next week.  Previously that schedule would need to be removed manually, whereas now Connect ONE will automatically remove the schedule.  
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March 3, 2014

SmartTest Expanded, New Temperature Logging Intervals, & More

Alarm Silence and Sensor Reset buttons added to SmartTest. Now when testing alarm zones the bell can be silenced quickly and the sensor reset can be accessed when testing fire zones. Maximum session expiration setting added to Login Profile. Now the customer can limit a user to only certain expiration settings. For instance, they may want to restrict a guard so they only stay logged in for 90 minutes and do not allow the Stay Logged In option. This ensures that if they forget to logout after their shift, they won't remain logged in forever. Also, the customer does have ...
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February 14, 2014

Design Your own Service Levels

Now you can design and build your own service levels by setting an override on the customer service level. You can take our PRO version and break it up into multiple levels. For example you can have a standard PRO level of 100 users and 90 days of event history. Then build additional service levels to expand the user count and event history. This will increase your RMR and profit margin as the needs of that customer grow. Regardless of how you use the overrides your cost will not change.   
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January 30, 2014

Append a Custom Message to Any Email Notification

Now your customer can add their own custom message to any email notification. The use could be a general note or message, or possibly a list of instructions listing the proper action to take. Each person notified can have their own message. Notification Edit Screenshot Example of Email Notification: (Custom Message appears after the timestamp) Subject: Event from Office Building Alarm: Supervisory Zone:5 Water Alarm 1-28-14 10:25 AM Call the plumber, 800-555-1212 Example of Email Notification: (Custom Message appears after the user)  Subject: Event from Hospital  Command: System Lockdown Command [ ER Panel @ Hospital ] 1-28-14 10:25 AM ...
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January 27, 2014

Unified Customer Login for both Desktop and Mobile Applications

Now your customer can use the same login screen to take them to either the desktop or the mobile application. The default action for smart phones and tablets will be the mobile site but the customer can override this setting using the dropdown box. Remember you can build the customer login into your website so you can continually promote your products and services. Please contact us to get the updated html code to use on your website.
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January 14, 2014

Central Station Operator & Support Staff Permissions

Now you can set a login to the dealer site to view only permissions and still allow access to the customer site via the "login as dealer" option. This is great for central station operators or customer support staff that only require access to the customer site to make a quick user change or run a report but don't require any dealer site configuration changes. Users with view only access will be allowed to login to the customer site but they will be required to input a mandatory message about who requested they login and why. This message is ...
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January 13, 2014

Import Utility & System Status Screen

Code Import Utility Now you can easily add new codes. update existing, copy panels, all from one import list.  Simply create a comma separated list (csv) from excel and upload it on the dealer site.  You only need to upload the code name, external number (optional), and code digits.  Once uploaded you can apply whichever profiles you want and Connect ONE will either create a new user or match the code to an existing user.  Everything is done in one simple step. System Status at a Glance Now your customers can go to one ...
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May 20, 2013

New Energy Management & Lock Control utilizing DMP Z-Wave

zwave lock DMP Z-Wave Status & Control Available on both Connect ONE LIMITED and PRO Security Management Z-Wave Locks View Status including Battery Level & Control Energy Management Z-Wave Thermostats View Status including current operation state, i.e. if the furnace or a/c is running & Control *Automatic or Timed set to Energy Conservation Mode based upon current arming mode *Automatic Sync of Date/Time once per day *Customer Controllable Display Lock Setting (Trane/RCS Z-Wave Thermostats) * Connect ONE Exclusive Feature Z-Wave Lighting View Status & Control including Dimmer Control Task Management Activate Predefined Z-Wave Favorites - A favorite ...
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April 2, 2013

DMP XR150/350/550 Panels Now Supported

We're pleased to announce that the new DMP XR150/350/550 panels are now fully supported. These new panels have many exciting new features, including: Improved 10/100 network connection, previously only 10 megabit Up to 4 profiles per code Up to 8 schedules per profile Easy reuse of Time Schedules for Areas, Doors, Outputs, and Profiles We've also added a new feature for all DMP systems. Now Connect ONE will update the time and date of any model DMP panel once per day. Previously only the receiver programmed as path 1 in the control panel was used to update the time. This was primarily the panel's ...
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January 7, 2013

Quick & Easy Technician Testing

Screenshot DMP XR500 SmartTestTM is an easy new way for technicians to test and control system points, (zones, doors, areas, & outputs), on their smart phone.  How many times have you been working on a zone at a far point of the building, on a lift, at a splice in the attic, etc. and wished you had someone at the keypad relaying the status.  Now you can have that convenience without needing a second tech.  Just use the newSmartTestTM feature from your smartphone and watch the status of the zones ...
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January 7, 2013

Send Lockdown to Multiple Systems from PC or Mobile

Lockdown Screenshot In response to a feature request from a customer with multiple buildings on their campus, your customer can now perform a lockdown to multiple systems from a single page.  They can even send this command from the mobile version which allows quick access form a smartphone since they can choose to stay logged in from a previous session.  We welcome and appreciate the feedback from our dealers. DMP XR100/500 Systems: Upon a lockdown the following actions will be performed:   1) An event will be logged stating the user which performed the lockdown on the selected system.   2) ...
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December 20, 2012

Account Linking

Setup We pioneered and patented the ability for your customers to see and control multiple sites with a single login. We did this by merging the information from the locations into the same screens and allow flexible control to tailor the permissions. This works great when you have multiple locations under the same company. But what if you have a customer who owns multiple companies or a consultant who manages multiple companies, or even when multiple installing dealers enter the mix? The solution is account linking. Customers will now be able to link user accounts for easy access to switch ...
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September 13, 2012

Connect Any IP Camera for Live Video Integration Now Supported

Cameras Integrated Devices NEW Any IP Camera/Encoder/DVR IP video device must be able to deliver a snapshot via url (most cameras support this feature) Examples: Axis IP Camera / Encoder ACTi IP Camera Geovision NVR/DVR Analog or IP Cameras Ganz DR Series Standalone DVR's (DR4H, DR8H, DR16H) Analog Cameras Exacq Hybrid/IP NVR's (all model variations) Analog or IP Cameras Others may be available upon request Cameras Page View Thumbnail Images from Multiple Sites on the Same Screen Click on one or multiple thumbnails to open a live video window Organize and Arrange ...
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September 12, 2012

ELK M1 fully integrated with Connect ONE

ELK Touchscreen   The ELK M1 is a flexible security, access control, and automation panel.  It allows not only security and access control but also interfaces to hvac thermostats, lighting, and door locks.  The interfaces can be wired or wireless, such as z-wave or Radio RA.  Your customers can now control all of these devices right from their Connect ONE interface, ELK also provides a sleek touchscreen for convenient control.  The ELK M1XEP ethernet module is required and a special firmware must be loaded, firmware available free of charge via download from ELK.  Integration Capabilities ...
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September 11, 2012

Geovision NVR/DVR Live Video Integration Now Supported

Cameras   Integrated Devices NEW Geovision NVR/DVR Analog or IP Cameras Ganz DR Series Standalone DVR's (DR4H, DR8H, DR16H) Analog Cameras Exacq Hybrid/IP NVR's (all model variations) Analog or IP Cameras Others may be available upon request Cameras Page View Thumbnail Images from Multiple Sites on the Same Screen Click on one or multiple thumbnails to open a live video window Organize and Arrange Live Video Windows anywhere on the screen View Cameras Link on the Activity Page View one or more Live Cameras on the same screen as Security & Access Events ...
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